Ejin Banner Strange Forest

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The so-called art, relatively like to express the beauty of incomplete. I met a photographer in Ejin Banner strange forest who had been there for two consecutive years, just for a picture.

Most people coming to Ejin Banner would like to see the beautiful scenery in Populus Euphratica, few of them would stay for a long time to enjoy the strange forest. 

We decided to see the sun rise in the strange forest, piles of dead Populus still erect in the desert, shocked!

I really experienced the dry weather there during the two days staying in Ejina Banner. But it doesn’t matter, just for the sake of art. 

I was in very poor physical condition when stayed in the strange forest, but I was still ecstatic. And I began to admire my strong will of struggling in difficult environment.

Seeing this Populus, I have the impulse to water for it.

Varied shapes, Populus’ trunk interpret their wonderful and different life.

Remind me the old man, the vicissitudes of beauty

All kinds of shapes 

So quiet, who come to accompany with them?

Absolutely the mind of the great artists, fascinating and charming without modification

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