Shooting from the Central Point of Beijing City

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The Central Point of Beijing City is located in the south of Wanchun Pavilion, Jingshan Park. It is the intersection point of north-south axis of Beijing city wall, so called central point.

Shooting the Gate of Divine Might (Shenwumen), the back door of Forbidden City 

I didn’t know the Forbidden City don’t allow visitors to travel through the back door, so I had to temporary visit the Jingshan Park. 

Shooting the southwest corner from the central point 

Shooting the west of the central point

The National Grand Theater from the central point

the military restricted area in the northwest corner

Vision of the northwest corner

North of the central point

A man on the central point

This girl was shooting the Forbidden City, south of the central point. 

The north of the central point: Longevity Imperial Palace (not far away) and the Drum Tower (in the distance).

Northern part of the world's largest and best preserved ancient palace complex 

Southwest: the remote is Zhongnanhai.

Southeast: the famous CCTV Tower and other tall buildings.

East of Wanchun Pavilion

The first pavilion in the west of Jingshan Park — Fulan Pavilion

The second pavilion in the west of Jingshan Park — Jifang Pavilion

A glimpse of persimmon orchard in the west gate of Jingshan Park

Though this central point is less than 50 meters high, you can still view the important landmarks and scenic attractions around, just because it is the central point.

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