Miracle of Burqin: Rainbow Beach

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Burqin colored Beach is the scenic spot I aspire, which is also called Rainbow Beach or Multicolored Beach, located in the north of Xinjiang, in Altay territory, 24 km north from Burqin County. When return from visiting kanas, Hemu and so on, you must pass the Rainbow Beach scenic area. 

Walk into the Multicolored Beach, you will feel as if in a dream world. The unique lava landscape consisted of purplish red, vandyke red, yellow and light green mudstone, sandstone and gravel. Bizarre colors coming from all directions, gorgeous color, brilliant colorful beach stones, and waves of Irtysh River…this is the most beautiful Multicolored Beach, masterpiece of nature, and miracle of Buerqin. 

Rainbow Beach is located in the Irtysh River, a typical landform formed by the long time of water and wind erosion. South of the beach is the Irtysh River, the only river flow into Kazakhstan - Russia - Arctic, also the second largest river in Xinjiang.

On the south bank, oasis everywhere, green grass, trees luxuriantly, rolling forest. Look at the distant, winding mountains, desert and downs, together with blue sky, and desert scenery, beautiful. 

The end of the beach is open flat, and there is a suspension bridge, known as "Aketubieke Cable Bridge", connecting the Yadan Landform with the green valley at the other side of the beach.

Rainbow Beach has an advantages location. The south is the Irtysh River, with dense forest and desert. Standing on the viewing platform, you can overview the spectacular and magical scenery.

The color here is varied, especially under the sunset: red, green, yellow, white, black, etc.

The rocks in amazing colors look like bright castles, monsters and peak forests. When winds blow, the beach utters weird sound, adding mystery to this unique Yardan Landscape. 

Generally speaking, Yardang Landform is surrounded by desert landscape, but as to Multicolored Beach, it is wonderful and extraordinary, there is a beautiful Irtysh River. The sceneries on the two sides of the Irtysh River differ a lot. On windy days, the Multicolored Beach will become mysterious with different strange sounds coming from the gaps of rocks.

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