Snacks Street in the Old Street of Harbin

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Harbin Central Avenue not only plays an important part in the History of the Harbin, and also has been a bustling commercial center and the exhibition center of the fashion trends of each period. It can be said that travelers haven’t been to Harbin if they don’t go to the Harbin Central Avenue. And if go to the Central Avenue, one must eat the snack there and drink at least a cup of beer. 

There are varieties of snacks on the street, such as lamb strings, grilled sausage, grilled seafood, grilled vegetables, hot and sour rice noodle, salad, etc. 

The small snack street next to the Modern Hotel Harbin is actually a place gathering all the snacks from everywhere. 

When comes to summer, this beer shed is set up, next to a snack street. Look at these girls, and you will know how the snack here is.

Red sausage is features snacks of Harbin

Oden spicy string

A variety of barbecue strings

What’s this?

Northeast salad 

Chapter balls and cake

Taipei snacks fried oyster omelet 

Beef balls fried rice cakes

Dalian fried squid

Ice cake

Look at this little girl, and maybe she had confused what to eat.

Chinese hamburger

Visitors should come to this open-air beer shed when visiting the Central Avenue, eating some snack, and drink a cold beer. That is the taste of Harbin. 

Central Avenue is also known as the Central Street in Harbin.

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