Impression of South Taihang Mountains

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Towering Taihang Mountains is a famous mountain range in China hinterland.

Beijing people are not strangers to the Taihang Mountains, because Beijing's West Hills belong to the Taihang Mountains. According to National Geographic, the Taihang Mountains are divided into three parts: the West Taihang Mountains, Northern Taihang and Southern Taihang. The Western Taihang Mountains is mainly in Shanxi Province, connected to the Loess Plateau, the vegetation is sparse. In accordance with the conventional aesthetic, this is the ugliest part. North Taihang Mountain is mainly in Hebei, the vegetation more abundant, occasional forest and Canyon, the main peak Xiaowutai is 2880 m above sea level, is not really a high peak in China. While the south Taihang Mountains is mainly inHenan province, and separated off Henan and Shanxi, throughout the forests, valleys, so that theSouthern Taihang Mountains is the most beautiful section. 

During the Dragon Boat Festival, I was lucky enough to visit Guo Liang Village, XinXiang, Henan, and entered into Wang Mang Ling (Shanxi Province) along the steep highway, enjoying the beauty of the South Taihang Mountains.

The Taihang Mountains is not high, but magnificent, and the topography is not monotonous.

Went down from the mountains, you would find that it's strong sense of hierarchy, when you come to a flat place, to see the village, please do not mistakenly think you have come to the foot of the mountain, in fact, you are still on the cliffs. 

It is obvious that The Peak landscape is significantly different from cliff at the bottom, is evident different developmental age and cause. 

The large and small natural platforms on the top of the canyon are the best location of the tourism. 

Rugged mountain roads in the mountains

There are lush vegetation and strange shape of the mountains because of elevation or other reasons. 

You can start your imagination when enjoying the mountains from a distance, some like turtle, some like other things, which depends on the visual angle.

Gully and canyon are all developed into tourist attractions

Roads are all different types, but most of depends on their locations.

Vertical picture can better display the height of the cliffs. Most area of Taihang Mountains belong to the Zhangshiyan topography, red granite cliffs canyon stretches for several kilometers or even tens of kilometers. Hebei Cangyan Mountain is also this type of landform.

deep canyon 

The landscape of waterfalls is very common

The cliffs are covered with the beautiful shape trees.

Large and small ravines, and the common echoed boulders, flat surface

Fine and rich layers of rock, like a pile of books

Most common roads in the Taihang Mountain - Wall Highway

You can not imagine how breathtaking it is if did not drive by yourself. 

It was my first time to see so astonishing a road. 

A large number of tourists rush here, to become an excellent route for walking and enjoying the scenery.

A girl walked along the road, forming a sharp contrast with the moldering wall.

On the way to Wang Mang Ling, we accidentally walked into another impasse - a wall road only passed a car. 


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