Have Fun in Shenzhen OCT East

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We are a large group, yes, we were going to visit the Shenzhen OCT East!

We had our dinner in a restaurant. Look! Five tables of us, and we were ready for the dinner!

These were some of the food we had in the restaurant. 

Marinated Meat Combination

Sleeve-fish in soy sauce

Spicy Scallop



This is the hotel we live for a night before our tour, which is located near the scenic area. 

In the morning, we headed for the scenic area directly. And this is a waterfall on the way, near a hotel.

The exit

We waited at the exit, in front of the ticket office. 

After everybody was ok, and then started went into the scenic area. 

There are some shops selling hats in the scenic area. 

Water Park 

Water fall 

This is the map of scenic area. 

We first started our tour from the Ecoventure Valley Resort!

Seafield Village: this is an interesting village in the scenic area, you can had meals, coffee, and have other fun here, European-style.

Not for a long time, it began to rain, damn weather

There was the Flash flood Show in the scenic are. Many actors were not Chinese people. It was rather interesting. 

Who know what they were doing? Ah~

Then we came to this U shape platform to view the whole scenic area. The highlight is that the platform is transparent. If you are fear of height, you won’t dare to stand on it. 

It was mid-day. After having lunch in the KFC, we took the Funicular Line 2 and a little train to the Tea Stream Valley. 

Overlooking the flower fields from the train

First came to the Interlaken. There are many interesting scenic places there. 

Some shows in the open air, have fun with them.

The Black Swan, and the goldfish 

Look at this, to tell you the truth, it is the real man! At the beginning, we didn’t know that and thought that it was just the manikin. 

A dog tree

There were Lion Dance show at about 4 p.m.

Oh, I didn’t dare to play this one, so horrible

Then we down the mountain by this ropeway.



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