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There are many snack streets in Lanzhou, of which the Dazhong Xiang (Lane) in the north of Zhangye Lu is especially well-known, gathering many old and famous food shops in Lanzhou. In addition, there are some shops, though unremarkable, but the snacks still taste authentic, and are popular with the girls. 

I went to Dazhong Xiang three times during this trip to Lanzhou, but I still feel did not eat enough. Oh god, there are so many snacks here!

Mazilu beef noodles: 
As an old and famous snack shop, the shop of Mazilu beef noodles is always full of many people. 
Address: Dazhong Xiang No. 86
Recommended: beef noodle soup, beef dish. 

Junjie cruded pancake in mutton soup
Here the mutton is tender and delicious soup. 
Address: Dazhong Xiang No. 78
Recommended: cruded pancake in mutton soup

Ruji barbecue:
Eating barbecue, drinking soup of apricot skin, and then order the potato chips, to begin the Lanzhoufood life.
Address: middle segment of the Dazhong Xiang
Recommended: mutton strings, apricot skin soup, and potato chips.

In a word, there are so many shops in Dazhong Xiang. 

The entrance of Dazhong Xiang is originally appearance humble, and the sign is posted with such a “plaster”. 

Start with my favorite “old place Niangpi”. This fried noodle and Niangpi are very delicious. 

Because the limited area of “old place Niangpi” shop, the winter and hot fruit and Fry jelly were placed on the door, steaming. 

The winter and hot fruit is good for stomach and relieving cough, a common snack in winter Lanzhou. 

In fact, the fried noodle is the fried jelly, to eat doused with a little garlic, taste good. 

The Beef Tendon Noodles in“old place Niangpi” is also a must. 

The shop of Mazilu beef noodles is rather big.

You should come to the Dazhong Xiang just for the food! 

queue up for noodles

There was an uncle in front of me. He ordered a bowl of noodles, looking at the newspapers. Maybe this is his daily life. 

Look at these “honors” of this shop, you can see it is really a good one. 

The food in this shop is also worthy of tasting. 

The noodles pieces are different from the former ones. It is said that it was hand-made in the past, but now is made with knife.

Junjie cruded pancake in mutton soup, why not taste?

The sweets shop is most popular by girls. 

Such Menu is much easy to see, posted on a table.

The winter and hot fruit is good for stomach and relieving cough. 

This snack is very famous in Lanzhou. 

Ruji barbecue

Xinjiang Nang

A friend told me that this snack is very delicious.

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