Picking Lychees in Zengcheng

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I love eating Lychees from an early age, and this time I actually have the chance to visit Guangdong, where abounds in lychees.

Tips:although lychees taste good, it is still need to pay attention to not to eat too much, or will harm to health.

There were light or dark clouds floating in the sky, with vibrant countryside under the white and blue.

Beans grown outside of lychee garden look very good, full of rows, and lychees hanging in the trees, everywhere is full of green.

Zengcheng has a long History of cultivation of lychees, experienced and a lot of variety, the distribution is also widely used, and mainly distributed in Zengjiang, Xintang (Yonghe), Shitan, Sanjiang, Zhongxin, Fuhe, Zhengguo and Zhu Village etc.

Our destination is the Sifeng Village, Zengcheng Street in Zengcheng.

It was rainy the whole morning of last weekend, but it turned out to be fine in the afternoon. So we immediately started our trip.

It was 1:00 p.m. when our tour groups were getting closer and closer. We could see the red and green lychees hanging in the branches. I was so excited.

After going inside to lychee garden, the crowd seemed to rush to the right hand side, while the left hand side was forgotten in the blue sky.

At the entrance of the lychee garden, fruit farmers were surrounded by tourists, and we also quickly take a look at the lychees! ~~

In the orchards, people all rushed to the trees to pick lychees. There were many people, including the famers and tourists, busying.

This was the first time for me to see such kind of lychee, little, red strings in the treetops.

Look at this, rather big, but still not ripe yet!

This lovely boy picked up some ripe lychees on the ground with his mother.

I’m always wondering what kind of the lychees tree from my childhood, and this time I had the chance to see it myself, so real!

Even if the lychees were not mature thoroughly, but so lovely.

Litchi and banana, pineapple, and longan have been called the “Southern four fruit”.

The insect on the Lychee trees

It is said that the best time to pick Feizixiao(a kind of lychee) this year is from June 5 to June 20, we chose a weekend, not only caught up with the best picking, but also to avoid the Dragon Boat Festival travel peak.

I picked two and found that the seeds were particular small.

There were lots of lychees in the basket.

This cloud was so beautiful, like the heart to spread out, and also like cotton candy clouds. Fruit farmers were busily picking the fruits.

After the rain, the sky was clear, the red lychee in the branches were so tempting~!

The wampee not yet mature

What is it?

It was time to leave the orchard, so quickly! But we still went to have a look at the banana trees in front of the orchard.

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