To See the Beauty of Qinghai Gannan with Heart

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All the poets and literary men will feel ashamed in front of Qinghai Gannan. The moment you see it, you will just want to quietly enjoy its beauty.

Qinghai Province is a mysterious and attractive place. She seemed to be a diamond jade in the rough, showing a magical charm in calm. 

Whether to go to Xinjiang, Tibet, Dunhuang, or Lhasa, Qinghai is the place must be passed if people want to travel in the western China, where most of the land is Gobi and the snow-capped mountains, not suitable for human living. However, Qinghai is rich in human resources and geographical resources.Qinghai Lake is as beautiful as a magnificent picture: clear and varied of color of lake water, wide and expanse prairie, and rolling and towering mountains. 

A poet once said the Yellow River is the goddess of the sun and the moon. She starts from the Bayan Har Mountainsstretches and head for the eastern direction. She stretches her body and the wide sleeves in Southern Gansu, drawing the first graceful curves and leaving the famous “the first Bend of Yellow River”.

Perhaps it is the snow-capped high mountains, vast grasslands, rivers and lakes, and the meadow-intensive forest form the picturesque highland Gannan scenery, won a paradise on earth as “Shambhala” in the world. In History, Gannan Prefecture is an important meeting point of the Silk Roadand the tea Horse Road, the territory has left the brilliant footsteps of many ancient civilizations. 

Walk into Gannan means you walked into the pure land on earth, Shambhala. Walk into the Gannan means you walked into the long-awaited dream paradise. Thus, Gannan is no longer mysterious, and Shambhala is not far away…

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