It is the Seaweed Harvest Time of Fujian Xiapu

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The annual May and June are the harvest season for kelp in the Fujian Xiapu. Ripe kelp directly drying by attached to the breeding rope hoist from seawater, everywhere is the harvest, mountains and plains, and both sides of the road are covered with kelp. Whenever the sunlight, the original dark brown marine plant will show a warm and charming red and gold color, fascinated. The day of harvest was ending soon, in order not to lose the good time to see the harvest scene, so we had to come to the seaside in cloudy weather.

I had just known that bamboos lines densely distributed On the Sea were used to dry seaweed. Year after year, and day after day, the mighty bamboos constantly extend to the ocean.

Several days later, I could just capture to this bunch of fleeting golden light. 

This woman from California was so focus on the fascinating Xiapu seaweed, 

The harvest scene


The dry field by the shore

The dry field at sea

The strings of seaweed attached to buoys far to the horizon. 

Xiapu Tourism Information:
Xiapu is located in the west side of the Straits of Taiwan and northeast of Fujian Province. Here, blue sea, shoals, green mountains, etc. just like a pearl inlaid in the East China Sea.

Fujian Travel Guide:

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