Wulong Karst Tourist Area: The Three Natural Bridges

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We drove car from Chongqing to Wulong in the morning of April 20, and it was already noon when we arrived, then 12:30 entered the area to start the tour. We walked about two and a half hours walking in the Tiankeng.

Take the elevator down to the bottom of pit, feeling like fall into the abyss, and eyes will be attracted from time to time by the wonders, and look up became the habit of action of each visitor.

Looked at the other tourists afar in front, the figure is so small, standing on a towering cliff, feeling very strange, this moment feel so person is really tiny.

The pit was surrounded by towering cliffs, with holes, trees, waterfall, and pond. The bottom of the pit is like a bottom of the bottle, and people were put into a large, deep bottle. 

Chongqing Wulong Three Natural Bridges Scenic Area is 20 kilometers southeast of Wulong County,Chongqing City. It is on the roadside of Wulong to Fairy Hill highway, about 15 km away from Southerngrasslands Xiannushan and 30 km away from the Furong Cave, and is also a national rare geological wonders of the eco-tourism area. 

Three Natural Bridges Scenic Area Forest is rich green trees, vegetation, and waterfalls, inclusive of the many views of mountains, water, springs, gorge, peak, and waterfall. Undergrowth covers the three bridges, even seems the three bridges after the vicissitudes of the millennium. In the early hours of the morning, everywhere was fog, and the three bridges are just like the tall bridges in the heaven, ethereal and shock, visitors can not help sigh that it is magic and odd.

Three Natural Bridges include Tianlong Bridge, Qinglong Bridge, and Heilong Bridge, magnificent, magnificent, and is Asia's largest natural bridges group.

Tianlong Bridge is 235 m height and 300 m span, because it is the first bridge among the three bridges, like a flying dragon in the sky, so named “Tianlong”. There is another born pit under the Tianlong Bridge, and the pit came up with hole, and hole connected seems like the Minoan labyrinth on the island of Crete.


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