Lianfeng Yunhai Sunrise

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I got up early in the morning, about 4 a.m. 

Everything was ready, and I walked out of the hotel. It was still dark outside. And I heard that the sunrise in Lianfeng was at about five o'clock. So I started right away. I climbed the mountain of primeval forest in the dark alone, a little scared, but luckily, there were some birds twittering in the branches, which made me courage to move on. 

Lianfeng Yunhai is one of the top ten attractions in JiuHua Mountain, next to Jiuzi Rock Scenic Area, and is an important part of the JiuHua Mountain National Forest Park. The scenic area is known for the majesty, steep, risk and elegant hills there. The main peak is the Lotus Peak, 820 meters above sea level. The mountain is shaped like a penholder, commonly known as Bijia Hill. The mountainside has steaming cloud and fog all the year around, and shape like a jade belt. Climb to The Peak, visitors can ofter see the clouds wonders, hence the name lianfeng clouds. Buildings in the scenic area are on the mountain, with a large-scale Huizhou buildings, park is the hill, mountain is the also the park, green mountains and blue waters.

At dawn, the sun had not risen. I could see the star light of the mountain villages. 

When the sun rises, the color of the light changed rapidly. Fields and villages at the foot of the mountain clouds gradually contracted in golden light, dreamy, forming a magical and magnificent landscapes.

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