Hangzhou Silian 166 Creative Garden

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Located in Lishui Road, Gongshu District of Hangzhou, No. 166, Silian 166 Creative Garden is transformed from part of the former Hangzhou Silk Dyeing and Printing Factory. With the continuous development of the city, the arts and creative industries is an integral part for a city, so under the encouragement of Hangzhou government, Silian 166 Creative Garden was borned. No matter regarding from the size, location or facilities, it should be the best LOFT in Hangzhou. 

Silian 166 has become a gathering place for designer and young artists. Walking in the garden, you can see everywhere is art studio. The most famous ones are undoubtedly the green peach theme restaurant and peach café.

The entrance of Silian 166 is dotted with green plants, full of laid-back atmosphere. 

A large red brick veneer material, as well as the red wireframe shut up, full of a deep sense of art. 

The top surface of the corridor is a large area of tempered glass, movable top curtains, flexible use of sun light.

A full of artistic atmosphere of gallery

A Terracotta Army at the entrance

The bump of a pile of bricks, constitute a full sense of the glass curtain wall with a large area of the plane formed a strong sense of rhythm. 

The logo of a design company, the façade is made by the letters TOW.

The Chinese word “福”, which means good fortune. 

There is a bunch of old TV in the small garden, more of a sense of nostalgia.

The weak collision of the cool light of the corridor outside and the indoor warm light, there were some words on the wall: All the people living for today, telling everyone to live in the moment.

The base of the main entrance is full sense of designing. 

The statues accidentally photographed on the wall

Stage football has been damaged 

The summer flowers are presumptuous open. 

The entrance of the Green Peach restaurant

The tone of Green Peach restaurant is very simple, white and wood color. 

a variety of magazines on the table of the casual waiting area

Textile machines are now more as an ornament, but it witnessed the History.

Everywhere is visible greenery.

Plant under the sun is particularly full of energetic.

A huge photograph on the wall particularly attracts people's attention. 

The chandeliers on the top 

The details show on the loom

There were not many people at that moment, but after about 20 minutes, it was full of people. 

Corner of the bar

The bathroom has also a strong sense.

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