Gourmet in Guizhou Qingyan Old Town

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As an important hub of Guizhou province in Ming and Qing dynasties, a town gradually became the bustling town for merchants, full of vertical and horizontal Quartet quartzite road and a curved strip of architectural style, here is Qingyan Old Town, only 29 kilometers away from Guiyang City, and make me think of the champion trotters, chicken hot horn, tofu dumpling, cake porridge...

Qingyan Old Town is situated in the Southern suburb of Guiyang City. As one of the most famous ancient towns in Guizhou, Qingyan attracts a large number of tourists. Qingyan has more than 600 years since 1378, when Qingyan Village was set up in the Ming Dynasty. There are many places of historical interest in the town, which were built in the Ming and Qing dynasties. 

The heavy sky, dark blue slate, a long tunnel, and the old arch, it was not bright, no flowers, no trickle through the town, no flashing neon lights under the night, nor too much bars, only the green and gray, as if the old photos in the memory, simple but the vicissitudes of life. 

Qingyan was originally the name of a mountain in the south of Huaxi generals mountain ranges, the cliff was black-blue, so called Qingyan in Chinese. Qingyan Qingyan Old Town is rich in stone resources, so most buildings in the town are built in the stone. 

If not the locals reminded us, we would have missed the beams wood carvings on the stage of Longevity Palace. Fortunately, under the protection of local residents during the Cultural Revolution, it was not damage. Still clearly visible, exquisite wood carvings lifelike interpretation of many historical allusions. 

With 600 years of History, Qingyan Old Town not only have retained the exquisite winding architectural style of the Ming and Qing, but also have developed these mouth-watering cuisine after hundreds of years.

Champion Trotters: even though you are not the champion, you should have a try these fat but not greasy fragrant champion trotters. Because in the past time, a scholar won the No.1 Scholar in the examination during Qing Dynasty after eating the trotters in Qingyan Old Town. After that, the trotters in Qingyan Old Town became famous all over the country. 

Qingyan rose sugar: this has already had a hundred years of History. 

Chicken hot horn: in fact, it is the Chicken spicy sauce, and can be the food eaten together with rice. The authentic chicken spicy horn is really spicy and fragrant, and can be restored for a long time.

Blood tofu: different from the usual tofu we often see, it looks like dark bread. 

Cake porridge: First to see a mass of white on the steaming pot, then many white balls, finally a bowl of desserts mixed with red beans, soybeans, kidney beans, sesame, peanuts, candied fruits, and rose water, fragrance, tasty and nutrient-rich.

Rose ice jelly

Tofu dumpling


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