Yellow River Stone Forest

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More than 150 kilometers northeast of Lanzhou, there is a Jingtai County beside the Yellow River . Jingtai County is located at the Southern tip of the Tengger Desert, at the junction of Gansu, Mongolia and  Xingxia three provinces, and the eastern end of the Hexi Corridor. Yellow River flows from west to east since ancient times, but here it is a westward flowing. There is a riverside village at this section of Yellow River, called “Old Longwan(老龙湾)” in Chinese. After turning a big bend at this Old Dragon village, the Yellow River continues flow to the east.

Old Longwan Village is surrounded by water and mountain, water is the Yellow River, while the mountain is little-known. The mountain is odd, lofty, tall and straight. Because of the locking traffic, there is only a rugged mountain road and a plank road connected with the outside world.

Gansu Province held the Yellow River Customs Tour in 2000, and built a tourist road. So here’s magnificent majestic gradually show its beauty to the world, and named the “Yellow River Stone Forest”.

Some people compare it with the Stone Forest in Yunnan, and said that the Yunnan Stone Forest is just like a graceful Southern woman, while the Yellow River Stone Forest is a magnificent northern man.

Longwan Village
Nature made this piece of Stone Forest.

For centuries, there is only a plank road leading to the outside in Longwan village, or only managed to take a boat to the east by the Yellow River, so the traffic is occlusion.

The village under the mountain

Rivers, mountains, and women

Elephant absorb water

Thousands of sails race

View the Longwan village from the other side of the river
The upper reaches of the Yellow River is located in Gansu Province, the water of river is not yellow.

Water tankers, people can take advantage of the Yellow River

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