Explore the World's Largest Marble Canyon

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Taroko National Park is located in the eastern Taiwan, a 20 km section of exquisite gorge between Hualien and Tiansiang. It is also the forth “national park” in Taiwan Island. TAROKO has the meaning of “Great Mountain” in the local minority language. 

Canyons and cliffs are two features of the gorge, and the terrain of mountains and valleys here is amazing. From the Taroko to TianXiang Liwu Stream Valley, the two sides are of marble rock, so here get the name of Marble Canyon, and it is also the world's largest marble gorge. Taroko Gorge and its surrounding area are well known for their abundant supply of marble, leading to its nickname, “The Marble Gorge”. 

There are large areas of virgin forest in the Taroko National Park, luxuriantly of verdant, the air is fresh and moist, and the ecological environment can be described as unique. Relying on great natural environment, where there is no lack of rare and rare exotic plants and animals, to be regarded as a natural treasure house. Most of the human resources of the Taroko are distributed along the eastern section of the Central Cross-Island Highway, such as the Eternal Spring Shrine, Taroko Gorge, Tunnel of Nine Turns, TianXiang, as well as the works of nature Suhua Highway Qingshui Cliff and fresh Wawa Valley, are all well-known tourist spots.

Many visitors visit the gorge do not know how to tour this great natural treasure house, it may be able to refer to the following recommendations I summarize. 

1 Do not miss the beautiful marble rock: Taroko is known as the world's largest marble gorge, on the cliffs of the canyon, a lot of rock texture and delicate, full of texture, very seductive, do not miss; 

2 Stroll in the negative oxygen ions: the large area of Taroko forest creates a lot of negative oxygen ions, which good for the heart, lung and eyes, hiking in Taroko is the best way of leisure; 

3 To see clear water rippling: the mountain of Taroko is steep and majestic. Here not only have a small pond, turbulent rivers, waterfalls, interpretation of the style of various water; 

4 to feel the honest hardworking people in Taroko: Taroko Gorge is the place for Taroko tribe to live and multiply for generations, and now there are still a lot of the Taroko people living here, their weaving, living habits can be seen, and is different kind of experience;

5 Walking the thrills of cliff road: the gorge road can be described as cut in the cliffs, very spectacular, walking here can feel the thrills, and can understand it was difficult to build the road; 

Marble rock is just like a big landscape painting.

These wanton textures give a lot of space for reverie, and people have lamented the nature of magical creatures. 

Everywhere is the beautiful marble rock, so Taroko Gorge worthy of the reputation of Marble Canyon.

In fact, there are not too many visitors in the Taroko Gorge.

There are many visitors viewing scenery on this viewing platform.

The famous the Taroko Gorge cliff road

There are many such small windows in the cliffs on the road for visitors to enjoy the gorge scenery.

Many riding enthusiasts like Taroko Gorge.

A suspension bridge across the Grand Canyon

There are industrious Truku people living in the Taroko Gorge.

These beautiful canvases are the most traditional clothing and dress patterns of Taroko tribe. 
Visitors can also see many of the Taroko people wearing traditional clothing, bright, bold color, a kind of imaginative beauty.

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