Hai Nan delicious food, you can not miss it

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Hai Nan, a beautiful city in the south of China,  there are also many delicious food, maybe some of them you have never heard before,  now let me introduce.

1 Wenchang Chicken

Wenchang Chicken is the No.1 of Hainan four famous dishes, and famous at home and aboard. The meat of Wenchang Chicken is delicious, with thin and crisp bone and concentrated flavor, fat but not greasy. Wenchang chicken is generally eat in white, but also can be made into coconut milk chicken, fried chicken, fried chicken and so on. If you have a golden chicken in your mouth, you would blurt out the word "great", no wonder there is a saying as "no Wenchang chicken, not a meal".

2 Dongshan Mutton

 It is said that the reason why Dongshan Mutton is so delicious is that sheep eat the rare vegetation on Dongshan Ridge, so the meat of the sheep is fat but not greasy, without any smell, has anti-heat, tonic and beauty effect. It was included in the Nanjing government "Presidential Palace" single meal menu in Republic of China, and now it is even well-known in the world. No matter what kind of ceremony, such as marry, funeral, or the Spring Festival, there will be mutton in the dishes. Many tourists to Hainan will also have a try of the Dongshan Mutton. There are many ways to eat the Dongshan Mutton, braised, soup, fried, and hot pot, etc., each way has its own feature.

3 Jiaji Duck

Jiaji Duck, commonly known as "Muscovy", it is one of the four dishes in Hainan. It is said that this kind of duck was introduced from Malaysia 300 years ago, its belly is big, red crown and yellow fin, black and white feathers, each weight about seven or eight pounds. Its characteristics are, the meat is fresh, with white and crisp, very delicious. 

4 mud crab

As one of the four Hainan dishes,mud crab is produced in Hele town of Wanning City. Mud fat crab (commonly known as Crab) is full of meat, enjoy the reputation of one of "three fresh fish". Its feature is: grease gold sleek, like a salted Duck's egg yolk. There are also many ways to eat the mud crab, you can eat fried or broiled food, and you can also make the crab soup. The unique ways of eating Manning mud crab are the following two: one way is fried, and the other is steamed. This recipe is the traditional dishes for the Manning locals, this unique flavor is really tempting.

5 Hainan Suansun (Sour Bamboo Shoots)

It's like spring all the year round in Hainan, so bamboo shoots are one of the Four Seasons Vegetable in the market of Hainan. Bamboo shoots can be classified into Lasun, Masun and Yulansun, and also can be classified into Boiled Bamboo Shoots and Suansun by processing methods. In summer, people in Hainan love to make Suansun with fish soup, which taste a little sour but also awoke, you can have a try if go to Hainan.

6 Hainan Chicken Rice

"Hainan Chicken Rice" is very famous, and not only loved by the locals but also the foreign visitors. Hainan chicken is famous for Wenchang Chicken, the key to cook it well is the process of boiled the chicken, of course, it must be the Wenchang chicken. The old way of eating chicken rice is to shape the rice into balls, only this can be considered the traditional Hainan Chicken Rice.

7 Fish Tea

Those who have drunk fish tea will be attracted by its taste. The production of fish tea is rather complicated, first clean up the freshwater fish, cut into pieces and mix with salt for one or two hours, then squeeze out the salt, mixe with cold rice, distiller's yeast, or fried rice, after that, put them into clean jars, seal for about7-10 days in such as hot weather, while in cold season, you should seal them for 15-30 days. Fish tea is sweet but a little bit sour, but very delicious.

8 Jinshan fried balls

Fried balls in Hainan are commonly known as "treasure bags" in Hainan. There are many kinds of fried balls, such as balls filled with fillings, sandwich fried balls, and fried balls without fillings. Wenchang fried balls has a long history, they are famous snacks in the town, characterized for its fine production and material, crispy stuffing fragrant. Jinshan fried balls are made of fine sticky rice, fried with peanut oil.

9 coconut sticky rice cake

Hainan common snacks, its main ingredient rice sheets, filled with fresh coconut, sesame seeds, crushed roasted peanuts, sugar, then pack into a 5 cm round cake with wild pineapple leaves, it taste good when it is still hot. This cake is sweet but not greasy, and delicious with unique flavor.

10 Miaojia tri-color meal 

Hainan in the central mountain people of the Miao traditional snacks .Usually, it is made only during the "March 3" (Li and Miao traditional festivals) and has Miao flavor. Three color: yellow, black, and red side by side, full of Ganxiang smell, the rice is sweet and slip with beautiful shape.

11 Li Bamboo Rice

It is Li traditional cuisine in Hainan, filled with fresh cooked rice and flavoring meals in bamboo tubes, and become one of famous Hainan dishes. 

12 coconut Banlan cake

Hainan snacks, the main ingredients are the Banlan leaves, Banlan is a tropical herb, and the juice is dark green. People like to use this herb to make all kinds of food, but such cake is the most popular one. 

13 Hainan radish cake

Hainan local traditional snacks, require sticky rice syrup, white radish as materials. Cake is decorated with red and green on surface, bright color, fragrant carrot flavor.

14 Baoluo Rice Noodle

Hainan famous local delicacies, made of rice vermicelli with soup and a variety of condiments. The rice noodle is white, soft and smooth, in hot delicious soup, delicious and slightly spicy.

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