Ciqikou, the famous Shaping Porcelain Town

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Ciqikou, literally Porcelain Port, is an ancient town in the Shapingba District of Chongqing Municipality, Peoples Republic of China, originally called Longyinzhen, also known as Little Chongqing. According to an old Chinese proverb: "One flagstone road, and one thousand years Ciqikou", the name of the town can be traced back to porcelain production during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Formerly a busy port located at the lower reaches of the Jialing River, a thousand years after its foundation the town remains a symbol and microcosm of old Chongqing. It was said that the originator of porcelain industry is the Jiang pedigree family and there was a legend about the Jiang family fortune.

Ciqikou is located on the west bank of the Jialing River and covers an area of 1.18 square kilometres (0.46 sq mi). There are three mountains in Ciqikou, Mount Jingbi, Mount Fenghuang and Mount Maan. The geography of Ciqikou is considered to have perfect Fengshui by local people.

Travelers to Chongqing and locals are like throng to Ciqikous steep and narrow pedestrian streets. Shops sell porcelain, other handicrafts, and gifts, while restaurants and tea shops give visitors a look at what many areas of Chongqing were like before the metropolis became the vast urban agglomeration it is today. A 1,500-year-old Buddhist temple straddles the mountain in the middle of the old town.

Ciqikou is the source of Baci Culture. Many famous people lived here during the Second Sino-Japanese War, including Guo Moruo, Xu Beihong, Feng Zikai, Fu Baoshi, Ba Jin, Bing Xin, etc. Ding Zhaozhong, a well-known Chinese-born American scientist studied here for many years during his childhood

This old town is at the bank of the Jialing River, so stones also become commodities for the local people.

Matchbox Collection
It is hard to find a china shop in the town, but they are not beaker porcelain, only carved porcelain. This is a kind of  hand work, require cautious and nimble hands.

A engraving plate is much expensive.

There are also several antique shops in the town.

The watch master is repairing clock.

Lively Street, various snacks and the most famous is Hemp flowers. Yet almost every shop assures that their Hemp flowers are authentic, but who knows which shop is really authentic.

The dazzling Hemp flowers, but visitors rush through.

Hand-made rice noodle in the Pee beef ball shop, the owner of the shop makes rice noodle on the spot.

What flows down is the rice noodle.

The Street leading to the water edge.

Candied food -- Tanghulu, which are colorful, delicious.

Town of Tanghulus are placed on traies, not inserted in the wooden stick.

Making the town’s traditional sugar food.

Vendors go back home after knock off.

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