Xinan River, Xinan Landscape Gallery

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There are two paths from the South Source Port to the Deep Cross, one is the land route, and the other is the waterway. Land route winds along the mountain reaching the bottom of hills, while the waterway is along the side of the road bend down. This river is called the Xinan River.

The promotional materials describe it like that: "the Xinan River is the cradle of ancient civilization for Huizhou, what is more, it is also the gold channel to connect the "paradise" like Suzhou, Hangzhou, Yangzhou in ancient Huizhou."

" The ecological environment at the two sides of Xinan River is very good, showing the high mountains, the camellias, low mountain fruits, fish in water and so on, and reflecting ancient villages, it is really a painting of Castle Peak and the Water Village, all of these form a beautiful landscape painting. " Indeed, if you enjoy both sides of the waterway along the Xinan River, no matter from which angle you look, it is no doubt that it is beautiful, as if you are in the picture.

There are some scenic attractions at the sides of Xinan River: "Millennium camphor tree", "Three taste sweet orange ", “Nine sand ancient village”, “New Yang village houses”, “Old workshops”, “Longmen Falls” and so on. In particular, loquats in the places like Lake Zhang, Min Lake is very delicious, thin flesh, juicy and sweet. Before and after the Dragon Boat Festival, the first fruit people enjoy is the loquat. The "Big Red" and "Glory Flower" enjoy a high reputation in foreign countries as well. Unfortunately, I visited Xinan River in spring this year, a bit earlier, the loquats were immature, there were small green loquats on the branches, think of ripe fruits hanging on the branches over the mountain, I could not help but direct swallowing throat. But the river, hills, fields of bloom flowers, far and near Castle Peak, all these landscapes are beautiful, making it hard to turn a blind eye.

Now,Xinan River has a new name for, called "Gallery".I do not know why, but the word "Gallery" suddenly recalled me the term "keep up with the Time". You see, the Castle Peak and the green water seemed no change for many years. Residents also live a simple life here, melt into a peaceful nature. But since the name --"gallery" was put forward, the situation has changed slowly.

The sights of Xinan River are beautiful, with thick historical and cultural, I believe that there will be more people coming here to play, and the Xinan Landscape Gallery will be more beautiful in the future.

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