Xian International Horticulture Exposition : Perfect Gardening for You

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After Number of days of preparation and anticipation, 2011 International Horticulture Exposition will be held in the ancient city Xian on 28th, Apr. This is another big international event held in China After 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and 2010 Shanghai World Expo. I am honor to visit the park as the first round visitors once the park just finished building.

Xian international Horticulture site locates in the Xian Chanba Ecological Zone, having an area of 265 hectares, with a mixture of gardening, exhibition, entertainment, creation and integrated services. It has the combination of water, green land and the flowers. It should be a unique gardening show in the world.

The feature of Xian International Horticulture Exposition is to divide the entire visiting zone to Chang’an Island, Creative Natural Island, Silk Road Island, Flower Island, future Island, Park Island, Adventure Island and Happy Island. It is made of these seven major feature theme parks.

the tulips

Chang’an Tower

You can see not only the beautiful scenery on the Chang’an Tower, but also the national treasure, such as the Ancient Bronze Chariot and Horse, painted shooting warriors with a kneeling posture, Bronze Crane, Gold Bronze Horses, Ladies under the Tree.

The plant in the Nature Museum

phalaenopsis amabilis
the waterfall


Grimace Beetles    I name after it

became butterfly from cocoon

Qin Ling Garden uses the modern gardening tool. It recycles the classic scenery segment by stones, mountains, water, plants and so on. The famous four treasure: big pandas, golden monkeys, crested ibises and takins

I think that the pandas are tired
all the pandas are sleeping
baby Golden Money is playing the woman
The colorful flowers

Golden Rose

the world of International Horticulture Exposition

Holding time: 28th Apr,2011 to 22nd Oct, 2011 (total 178 days)
Place: Xian Chanba Ecological Zone
Theme: Get harmony between city and nature
Idea: Green leading fashion.


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