Some interesting places in Sichuan

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Sichuan, such a beautiful city, if you live in this city or you are visitor planning a tourist there, and have no idea where to go, then I would like to recommend some good places for sightseeing.

Chengdu Stone Elephant LakeStone Elephant Lake is located 86 kms away from Chengya express way exit, Pujiang county (national ecological demonstration zone), Chengdu. It is rich in natural resources, its large natural park provide a mutual living paradise for animals and plants. It is also the pure land for all urbanite to cultivate the body and the spirit. In the early morning, the lake surface is covered by mist, the flowers blossom and the birds sing; while at sunset, shadows dot in the forest, the human soul would be soaked by the wisdom of Confucianism and Buddism. In this place with such sight, the visitors’ soul would be purified and come to the statue of man and nature in one.

The lake is famous for its old temple “the Stone Elephant Temple”, it is said that this is the place which Yanyan, the senior general of the Three Kingdoms rode his elephant to the Heaven. In the lake, there are the Stone Elephant Temple and the Big Buddha of West Sichuan. Besides, there are Ziyan Rock, Shuiniao Bay, Fuling Bay, Zhu Island, Qinlong Island, Gong Guo, Wawa Guo, two dragon play with a pearl, etc. The forest coverage of this scenic spot is above 90%. Its superexcellent natural ecology is like a jade inlays on the Chengdu Plain.

In recent years, visitors who have been in the Lake, both virtue man and wise man, each airs his own views by different angles with different feelings. Some said the Lake is “the ocean with beautiful flowers and sight-seeing paradise”, some said is “the small oriental oriental Switzerland”, “Asian Dutch”, “China’s Davos” and “Chengdu’ Imperial Garden”. Besides, some people said it is “the place for dreams”, “easy and comfortable country” and “human living paradise”.

In the lake, the most romantic place for you and your lovers is the 100 Mu Rose Park. Each year from May to June, it is the Rose’ blossom season of the Rose Park. Rose is “the holy flower of Eros” and “the love flower”. During this period, tourists who came to the Rose Park can see the charm when the beautiful maids dress up as “Rose Queen” and “Flower of Love”, people take group photos for the lovers, especial with a posture of leaning on. You can also see people with smile on their face, the children plays there. Here true love and friendship of this world would be sublimated into a new condition.

Jinsha Site Museum in ChengduThe Jinsha Site Museum built on the original Jinsha site, is one of the most important archaeological findings. It covers and area of 300,000 sq kms, the total building area is about 40,000 sq meters. It is consists of the site house, the show house, the center for the conservation and restoration of cultural heritage, the tourist center and the landscaped open space. It displays a unique civilization which is different from that of the Chinese ancient Reaches of Yellow River and the other ancient civilization, for example the bronze civilization in the world. With the help and support of all levels of leadship, the Jinsha Site Museum started building at the end of 2004 and it was formally open for visitors on April 16, 2007.

The Jinsha Site Museum has more than 10,000 cultural relics at present, the following cultural relics have been identified: 364 pieces first-class cultural relics, 311 pieces second-class cultural relics and 319 third-class cultural relics. “The Golden Sun Bird” is the treasure of the Jinsha Site Museum and it is announced as the Chinese cultural heritage mark by the State Administration of Cultural Heritage in 2005 August. There are rare treasures like the golden mask which is well-preserved and the largest of the pre-qin period, a large number of exquisite jadeware and stoneware, complete set of woodenware, unique bronze, etc., so most people pay their attention to the above-mentioned rare treasures. In addition, the Museum’s unique architectural design, modern exhibition technology, plentiful theme propagandas and the profound historic and cultural background all vividly retell the mystery and prosperity of the Jinsha Kingdom in various angles. The CPC and the state leaders all have a high opinion of the Museum after they pay their visits. The Museum’s popularity and good fame is spread over and has been awarded the honorable titles for several times because the tourists at home and broad keep pouring into the Museum after hearing its fame and news media both at home and abroad reports it regularly.

Ganzi Kangding Qingge scenic and historic area

 It is located in the west part of Sichuan, Kangding, the government of Ganzi, Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. It locates in the main artery of Chuanzhang Rd. In history, it was the “national corridor core site” for the south and the north people. Kangding is as famous as the Silk Road. It has the best of the natural sightseeing and historical sites. It is not only the core of tea, horse and track way, but also the original hometown of ancient legends, folk arts, ethnic purity and folk dances.

Fangcao Lawn covers an area of 500 sq kms. It looks like a colorful carpet which lay between the forests and mountains. The grass is ever green, the wild flowers spread all over and its sweet fragrance attracts the tourists coming from far away. It is also a natural garden for riding horse and play games.

The “Golden Sand” on the left side of Mu Ge Cuo is known as “Love Beach”. It is the bright spot of Mu Ge Cuo. The sand there is soft, naturally golden. This natural sand is rarely seen around the inland lakes of the West Sichuan plateau section. The length of the Love Beach is more than 110 meters, its width is more than 80 meters. Love beach covers an area of 8,800 kms. Looking far into the distance, “Qing dream ……”The height of the sand on the beach change according to different seasons., sometimes higher than its usual height and sometimes lower than its usual height. The winter of Mu Ge Cuo is pure and crystal fairyland on land. The large sea surface is frozen, it looks like a huge silver mirror face the blue sky, it becomes a natural amusement place for skiing. The forests and mountains around the sea is so beautiful, clean, mystical and sacred.

The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is located in Daying county of Sichuan province. It took its shape from an ancient underground lake. People can float in the sea because it is abound with bittern that is comparable with the dead sea of Middle East. That’s why it is called China’s dead sea. The temperature of its mouth is 85 degrees centigrade, its saltness is up to 22%.

The authority has tested more than 40 kinds of mineral substance and microelement in the sea water, especially the abundant odium, potassium, calcium, bromine, iodine have apparent effect in rheumatoid, arthritis, skin disease and adipose. People float in the “Dead Sea” for one hour equals to the sleeping effect of 8 hours’ sleeping according to the statistics from UNSCO (United Nation of Scientific and Cultural Organization). The Dead Sea tourism and resort zone is mainly designed as a place of “Dead See Float” for its tourists, while combines modern water sport, Xiuxian (means people …) , spend holidays and health care as its second function. It covers an area of 133.4 hectares, but its planning control location is 333.5 hectares.

The analysis of the water quality of The Dead Sea: According to Sichuan geological survey’s test of the natural underground bittern mineral water, China Dead Sea’s natural bittern water mainly contains sodium chloride (table salt), except that there are more than 40 kinds of mineral substance and microelement in its water, especially abundant with potassium, calcium, iodine, bromine, etc. The difference between the normal hot spring and the bittern water of the Dead Sea is there is ionic forms salin in the water of the Dead sea, they are magnesium salt, carbonate, sulphate, sylvite, oxonium salt, calcium salt, iron oxide, alumina, silicate, bromine, etc.
According to modern medicine, these substances are of vital importance for the improvement and accommodation of human health and that’s the root why the Dead Sea is of high value in health care.

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