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In addition to its memorable, the Dragon Boat Festival has always been a national gala day, constant progress, dragon boat race, there are a variety of colorful and interesting folk activities. Because the Dragon Boat Festival has become a statutory holiday, allowing people to learn more about the traditional folk of their own. Now people start to eat dumplings and hung up wormwood in front of the door again. If you feel that only doing these things is not enough, then go out of the house to make a trip on the Dragon Boat Festival to experience the customs of different styles in other places.


When talking about Zigui, people particularly recall the memory of Qu Yuan, a famous poet who jumped into the Mi Luo river to commit suicide. The most important customs to memory this great poet is: racing boat, holding poetry, Qu Yuan memorial ceremony. Dragon boat racing in Zigui is not only in a spectacular scenes of intense competition, its special lies in that even before the races, people will put up different color flags which called "soul come back" in the boat.

The majestic Three Gorges Dam is the largest landscape in Zigui, it is the only land-based channel in the view of the whole Yangtze River Three Gorges. After the Three Gorges Project was completed, "Gaoxiapinghu" first appeared in Zigui, there were many small islands within the Xiling Gorge and the Zigui River, and became new resources for tourism development. Four Rivers Ecological Tourist Zone is known as the "natural oxygen bar ", in karst strange shapes, canyon streams, waterfalls, three hanging drop of 389 meters of water falls, there are more than 300 kinds of bamboo forest species.


Dragon Boat Festival in Hunan Xiangxi, dragon boat racing is definitely described as a "flamboyant"! You can also enjoy the unique local activity like the catching ducks with characteristics of the Dragon Boat Festival to catch ducks Side of the Tujia Diaojiaolou Tuojiang. Tuo River rafting, ancient Range Rover, walking Street, strolling Miao cabins, the singing and dancing of local, all of these are also a rare enjoyment.
racing boat
people catch ducks in the river


Miluo River is the birthplace of the dragon boat culture, every Dragon Boat Festival, Dragon Boat Races will be held here to commemorate Qu Yuan. Before the races, participating teams will hold a grand ceremony in Qu Dragon Sacrifice Ritual. It is said that only Dragon Boat Festival in Yueyang have such ritual before the races in the whole world, so it is very unique. Another important component to Dragon culture there is the dumplings, of course, enjoy the dumplings here as you wish.
Quyuan Temple
Yueyang Tower

"Wufangzhai" in Jiaxing is famous for its dumplings.
making dumplings


Dragon Boat Festival in Suzhou has been different methods.


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