Nanxi River Travels, beautiful scenery accompany my trip

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There are many green mountainous and clean water in Zhejiang. Located in Yongjia County north of Wenzhou, Nanxi River is famous for beautiful river, odd rock, waterfall and ancient villages, and Beach.... people call it as “the cradle of Chinese landscape painting”.

Nanxi, so good a name, the river here is so clear that we can see the stone at the bottom. Even the pebbles are so smooth, clean, and colorful at the bottom of the river.

Amid the mountains afar, close up depressed beach forest.... it feel so good to stay here.

Strange enough, cars can unexpectedly be drove to the riverside. Holding an umbrella, we were also became part of the landscape.

On the way back from Ming Ao, we walked along the river from Bilian to Tanzania, this section of the road is not highway. It is not so late when we came back, so we didn’t need to hurry up, we stopped from time to time, and enjoyed the beautiful landscape along the way.

Nanxi river, clear, soft, Colorful, pebbles, smooth stones.

 River swing softly as music, overlooking the clear blue river, it is really refreshing.

This wheat by the side of river makes Nanxi River full of Pastoral flavor.

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