Romantic Xian in early summer

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Xian, the start point of the ancient Silk Road, a city many people longing for, also a city of rich history.
I went to Xian for business trip for a few days, it was honor to attend the "Chinese and foreign media of Xian line" activities, because of which I had the opportunity to enter the city lingering in my dreams many times, and close to feel of its heavy historical and modern fashion.

The first feeling for Xian is that it is a city not easy to get lost no matter where you go. Most streets are from north to south, east to west. Simply take a map, you can easily find the place you want to go. Standing on this land and watching all the familiar things, it is more real but not fantasy to correspond to the imaginary Xian.

There is no landscape in the familiar place, at present, this is a city I‘m not familiar with but full of scenery. It was already three or four oclock in the afternoon the first day I arrived in Xian, I put down the baggage in the hotel, regardless of exhaustion along the way, and took the camera to take photos in the streets, walking aimlessly. There is no street sweeping arrangements for this trip, and the daily schedules are full. These photos are not taken in one day. Let’s feel the romantic and easy of the city firstly.

This is Qilu Evening News reporter who counterparts along the trip. Expression determine mood, standing in the rain but still very calm and comfortable.

In front of the Clock Tower, girls on the streets.

Other visitors at the side of walls were very friendly; I took photos near the two who were happy to greet at the distance.

The wall is very long, and they seemed tired.

Visiting the walls in such a rainy day, it felt not so bad. Take umbrellas and raincoats to ensure not wet the body.

A handsome young boy looked not so happy. I guessed whether he was waiting for his girl.

Listening to the voice of walls, not every beautiful girl take an umbrella every day, now this girl is holding the wall as umbrella to protect herself.

There are many fashional sightseeing buses in Xian street.

lovers in the snack street, they wanted the lions witness their love.

Visitors in the bus were full of hope for  the next destination.

Visitors in the Beiyuanmen street was fascinated by the crafts.

Some visitors bargained with the shop keeper, they spoke in English-Chinese.

Visitors in front of the Drum Tower kicked shuttlecock, and the movement was very chic.

The night of Xian is not so noisy as the day, and the beautiful scenery with beautiful girl.

The traffic in front of Clock Tower is always so busy.

Singer in the street played a guitar, buckling the heart of the people crossing by. Stopped to listen for a while, it sound good, and not worse than those of professional singers. No matter how much it would earn, just have fun.

The player played very well, and the audiences listened attentively.

The couple enjoyed the sight together, which made the scenery more beautiful.

You took your photos, and I saw my scenery.

This is the place to the Clock Tower, a subsided square, its reflection is very beautiful.

Still it’s the same square, just these are two different people.

This photo was shoot at the night before we went back to shanghai.

Thanks for the these people too, they dotted the scenery in my eyes.

The fountain in front of the Big Wild Goose Pagoda Square is a good place to create romantic.

The spring is beautiful, so does the reflection.

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