Graffiti Street in Hsimenting, Taiwan

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Hsimenting is a very unique place, it is known as a youth Holy Land, and never fail to attract numerous domestic and foreign young people in China. With the presence of movie theme park, art workshops, there have been new activities, new things, the multi-tapped street culture which had hidden in lane, such as the film special effects make-up, street skateboarding contest, 3D graffiti landscape, original bands, hip-hop, vinyl and other young music culture ... the coolest, most popular sub-culture, to make the general public have a better understanding of the unique Hsimenting street culture.

Graffiti was developed in the 1960s in Southern Californias youth gangs to express oneself, when they painted their names directly on the wall with aesthetics and style, or make stickers on the wall. As convenient and fast, it is the easiest way to learn graffiti.

What is graffiti? There are a variety of graffiti, wiping coating applied in a paper is one kind of graffiti, and there are also other graffiti, like political graffiti. Political graffiti is one kind of graffiti with the content-based political figure, you can see the political consciousness from the graffiti painted, and most of these are ironic paintings, they are the most common type of political graffiti in Taipei County.

I was attracted to the vicinity of wall of graffiti, unknowingly walked into that patch of graffiti street. Some paintings are very abstract and exaggerate, passer-by would not scare in the evening?

I was walking while seeing, and felt that the graffiti street is really a large place.There are also some realistic images.Once standardized, there is a sort of artistic atmosphere even in the ordinary street in Hsimenting. Graffiti can also express with sketch style. But sometimes, thick and heavy in colours is also very funny.

Graffiti on the wall of buildings in the street.

Of course, most content of the graffiti has no particular meaning, just with painting.

I believe those who paint graffiti also want to bring delight to people who visit here.

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