Qingcheng Mountain tour in Dujiangyan

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A friend invited me to go to Sichuan to have QingCheng Mountain tour. The general feeling about the people here was simple and honest. (Of course, the price level in the scenery was not cheap). The scenery was beautiful, especially the environmental protection, seldom see the garbage. It’s pity that it’s raining all the day when I traveled. But I can see the view that can not be seen on sunny days. It’s a kind of another good feeling to me. It’s recommended that to visit the back area of QingCheng Mountain. I was exhausted the next day. I went to Hongkou to eat the specialty, Cold Fish, which was really delicious and also drew the attraction of cats. The third days, I went to visit the famous QingCheng Front Mountain, I got a strong sense of humanity there. Then I rushed to the Jiuzhaigou to enjoy the beauty of the natural heritage of the world. To my surprised, my energy was unlimited. By the way, if we valued the time that visiting from the morning time to the evening time, one day was enough to visit all the scenery. So my extra half day went to visit Zhongchagou, where many Tibetans lived in relative poverty situation. However, it’s really a good place and nice to see the charm scereny.

Snow scene of QingCheng Mountain
remote viewing of the scenery

special local fruit

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