Go to the Lingyin Temple for pray

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There is famous saying for Hangzhou people: Hangzhou is a blessed place, has never experienced storms, nor suffered a catastrophic disaster, all and all because it has a Temple— Lingyin Temple.

Lingyin Temple attracts many worshippers, when you lucky enough, you can come across monks from many Buddhist associations in the Mahavira Hall for chanting, and I had met two. When you listen to the drama-like cantabile melodies, your heart will be inexplicable calm down.

Those people who believe the temple efficacious are not only Hangzhou locals, on the annual Chinese New Year, you can see some old ladies carrying a yellow bag running around in the hall inside Buddha Temple to burn incense for blessing.

In fact after so many years, Lingyin Temple has also been changed, and the hall does not stop the expansion.

Even the way incense is also changing, from allowing access incense to only allow homage outside the hall, from the place of traditional electric candles to be placed only e-candles, all the subtle changes also tell it advances with times.

Temple seems always busy in any time of the year, especially in New Year. Homage Temple has become the formal customs for local people.

Most of the wishes are similar, nothing less than the hope that family harmony, good health and make a fortune.

There will always be a quiet corner no matter how many people there are, you can look in a daze, calm yourself down.

You can see all kinds of coins in any pool, people are really firmly believe for the saying "water is made".

You can also see the southern scenery here.

Naturally, you can go out shopping for yourself, just buy or sell, no force.

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