The basalt on Penghu Island

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This trip to Penghu, the most important stop was basalt. Penghu basalt is called "world-class landscape ", there are only two similar basalts in the world, one is in Sicily Italy, and another is in Penghu, Taiwan.

I visited two basalt wonders. One of organization committees drove the Coast Guard boat to carry us to Tongpanyu, which is an island. From afar, the columnar basalt is clearly visible, like a root wood neatly piled on the ground.

According to some materials, Taiwans Penghu Island is one of the three volcanoes, the islands are mostly composed of basalt. Explained by scientists, volcanic lava flow in the cooling shrinkage, the formation of columnar jointed basalt, showing a hexagonal column or prism structure. Then it was affected by the sea and other terrain, formatting of many ups and downs, a great variety of columnar basalt.

In near view, many of weathered rocks began to crumble, the beach is full of basalt stones.

On the island next to Tongpanyu, there was a man holding a pole to fish, which really made me jealous. Penghu is so fit for life that many people go to the beach for fishing by motorcycle, like this man, fished alone on this island, lived a very happy.

In addition to the basalt on the island, there is an extremely well-known spot: the large fruit leaves of columnar basalt, which is 8 meters high, 100 meters long, located in Siyu Township, Penghu County. Some exposed parts shown a yellow color, while the black stones are still visible from the cracks. Here, we can closely watch these rare columnar rocks. I am not engaged in geological research, and not understand how these rocks formed.

Standing on the top of basalt and overlook the Penghu Bay, there is no coconut decorated with sun, just the blue sea.

Stones fall off from basalt are the perfect materials for the local residents to build walls. Later we visited the "new socialist countryside" and saw such walls everywhere. We came to understand that the wind is very common in Penghu, so the residents grow vegetables with walls-all barrier, and they do not call the garden vegetable, instead they name it "food house".

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