Cruise Jiuqu and enjoy the Wuyi Mountain

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It is my first time to go to Wuyi Mountain. And it is beautiful as imagined. Before started, it is forecasted online that it would be rainy on Sunday last week, I could not help thinking of my Nikon brand water bottle. Fortunately, it was just a mistake, there was insufficient rainfall in Wuyishan those few days, so it indeed rained a little occasionally, but end soon.

Many years ago, when it was my first time to hear about Dahongpao, I thought it was something related to fashion, I knew it was a name of a tea afterwards. But I still don’t know where it is produced, because I am really not an expert in tea, and lack of experienced, no matter what tea it is, they are all one flavor in my taste.

It was at night on 14th of May when we came to Wuyi Mountain, it was happened to have a Tea Expo that day, this year seems to be the fourth. It was very busy in the street. Two lines of a street are full of tea shops and we saw Dahongpao everywhere. People in Wuyishan are kind, hospitable, they not only love to drink tea also like wine a lot, which impressed us a lot few days later. We didn’t know the Wuyi Mountain is the home of Dahongpao before. Also we know that the Dahongpao tea can be classed into Yan Tea and Zhou Tea. Yan Tea grows on rocks, also known as mountain tea, while most of Zhou Tea grows on the ground, so it is much cheaper than Yan Tea. We spent the whole afternoon drinking tea that Day, as a result we couldn’t go to sleep in the evening until middle night.

Road leading to the scenic is very beautiful, but it is not very wide, so it doesn’t allow two cars going side by side, the branches stick out at both sides, just to cover the road strictly. Red, green, yellow leaves intertwined, it was so beautiful. Tour Jiuquxi by rafting, I remembered there were a lot of people at the point where people off the raft.

The Zhangzhou girls on the raft are beautiful, they are responsible for making tea for the guests.

I have no feeling for the tea, but I really love the beautiful teapot vary much.

Rafts are the three companies together in the middle can take six people.

Along the way it was very busy, constantly there was someone singing song on the raft, the song was about girl seat at front of the boat, or something like that. In fact, people at front of the boat are all men who are very sturdy.

The scenery along the way is good, and the girls picking tea are beautiful.

Early summer, Wuyi Mountain fulls of green and radiant everywhere.

Dahongpao is a tribute tea, the emperor decree recognition and reward some fruit.

Da Hong Pao is really large! It can be used as a tent.

The girls picking tea in the mountains sang the song "Please Stay, Guests from afar", then the boatman would followed and sang "distant clients, Please Stay." Oh, it was really troublesome.

The river stream to the east, and the ship also head for the east too.

like a fairy
Good scenery make a good mood.

Great scenes, but the weather is not so good, just this little problem.

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