Experience the habitat of love, beautiful stones in Tianya Haijiao

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The place for vows of love - ends of the earth

Ends of the Earth is in the west of Sanya, more than twenty kilometers away. Half an hour later, we came to the foot of the mountain Maling. There seemed to have the feeling of coming to the end of world when we saw the Chinese words "ends of the earth".

Stones on the sea were inscribed with the Chinese words "sun" and "moon".

Generally speaking, “ends of the earth” means the end of the sky and the corners of the sea. In ancient times, there were few people on the Qiong Island of Sanya, barren and desolate. It was a place to send the people who against the law. People who came here would desperate, so it was named the "ends of the earth".

Lotus Stone

Hu Quan, one officer in Song Dynasty and Dengyu Li, another officer in Tang Dynasty were poured out tragic experience at this place by writing some poems. However, now, here, it become a well-known tourist attractions full of mystery.

Tianya tree grows in the stone
According to some records, the overall planning scenic area of the “ends of the earth” covers 10.4 square kilometers land area, and 6 square kilometers sea area, including Maling Mountain. Here the sea is clear and blue, the reflection of sailing boat, strange rocks everywhere. Hundreds of stones stand on the beach, "Ends of the World", "Cape" and "Southern pillar" head for the sky, the scenery is really spectacular.

Ends of the earth
When we walked into the gate and looked to the sea, we could see two boulders carved the "sun and moon" word afar. There is a stone engraved with "love" at the coast of coconut. Along the beach we could see the Lotus Stone and other south pillar.

Here the sky as well as the sea in the same color, coconut dancing, strange rocks everywhere, the stones engraved with "End of the World”, "Cape", "Southern pillar", "sub-sea days" and other rocks stand on the beach, making the whole scenic very beautiful.

According to some records, "End of the World" was put forward by Zhe Cheng while "Southern pillar" was put forward by Yun Fan in Qing Dynasty.

There is a word “love” on the stone.
There are legends about the "Southern pillar". According to the old legend long long ago, there were sea storms, so the people lived in hardship. Two girls who worked for the Fairy Queen Mother knew this situation, and then they secretly down to earth, conducted in the South Sea, and fished for the fishermen. After Queen Mother got this news, she was very angry, and sent Thunder mine to seize them, but these two girls refused and turned into two peaks stones, what’s worse they were split into two parts, part of it fell into the sea near Lian, another part flied next to the horizon, and become todays "Southern pillar".

Love habitat "ends of the earth" is one of the idiom people familiar with.

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