Namtso is The Holy Lake in China

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Namtso means “Sky Lake” in Tibetan, and which is one of the three holy lakes. The altitude of the lake is 4,718 meters. It has an area of 1920 kilometers square. It is not only the biggest lake in Tibet and the second lagoon in China, but also the highest elevation lake in the world.

The soul of people who comes to Namtso may be absterged by the water.
You may feel just like stay in a blue world, the light blue, baby blue, livid, sapphire blue, dark blue and black blue, all are so clear and beautiful.

Makes you shocked but peace.

At dusk, we felt hard to walk because of altitude reaction, but when we sat on the mountain and saw the sunset. We felt the Namtso just like a beautiful ink painting.

We arranged 2 days tour to Namtso for the sunrise and sunset. And we couldn’t use word to describe the beauty.

We took a coach from an agent in the afternoon. The scenery was beautiful on the way.

The sky is blue and the white clouds are floating in the sky.

We felt excited to see the snow mountain.
We passed the Nyenchen Tonglha Mountains, whose altitude was above 7000 meters.

We saw the sign of Nyenchen Tonglha Mountains after a while.
We had a rest in the viewing deck and took photos there.

This may be a part of Nyenchen Tonglha Mountains.

 We could always see the sheep flock on the way.

This is the sky road— Qinghai-Tibet Railway.

The train was running on the sky road.

The bridge far away is one part of Qinghai-Tibet Railway.

We passed the Nagenla Mountain, whose altitude is 5190 meters.

We overlooked Namtso. And felt so happy to see such beautiful blue sky, white cloud and lake.

We arrived in Namtso soon and after luggage packed, we went to the lake. The following photos were taken in Namtso, you can feel it by your heart.

This is the area for parking, resting and having meals.

We climbed the mountain at dusk, and prepared to watch the sunset.

The horses on the mountains are eating grass freely.
I envied them

Prayed here.

I was shocked by the sunset.

The following are the photos taken next day, which is the sunrise on another mountain.

You can only take these photos if you get up early.
It’s cold on the mountain. Look at the girls who wrapped in a blanket.

Do you know what it is, a dog or a sheep?

The snow mountain

Looking from this angle, you may feel the Namtso just like an ocean.

We were unwilling to finish the journey of Namtso.
When you come to Lhasa, don’t forget to Namtso.
One day is too short, you can see the sunset and sunrise for two days. If you plan to return from Qing-Tibet railway, it is a good choice to visit Qinghai Lake.

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