Bosten Lake – The Bright Pearl of the Oasis

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Bosten Lake is situated fifty seven kilometres away from north eastern part of Korla City. It is well known by the name Baghrash Kol. The area covered by Bosten Lake is one thousand square kilometres. The triangle shaped lake is regarded as the biggest inland fresh water lake across land of China. The altitude of Bosten Lake is nearly one thousand and forty eight meters above level of sea. It is also called bright pearl of the oasis. The mean dept of this lake counts to nine meters. The maximum depth is nearly seventeen meters.

Conglomeration of small and big lake:

This lake is a conglomeration of small and big lake. The chief source of lake water is River Kaidu that provides approximately eighty three percent of entire water in Bosten Lake. The small lake is twenty one kilometres to Korla while big lake is fifty seven kilometres to the city. Bosten Lake is known for its rich sources of reeds as well as fish. It is ranked as the biggest fishing spot in that region. It is also popular for the various wild animals like deer, yellow goat and many more. This lake is perfectly surrounded by very high mountains and therefore one can experience different climate in same season. Generally, the climate near Bosten Lake is cold winters and hot summers. In summer season, different activities are conducted at this spot. In winter, due to frozen water, only ice sports are held.

This freshwater lake is at north east of Tarim Basin, which is nearly twenty kilometres from Yanqi and fifty seven kilometres from Korla in Xinjiang of China in Bayin’gholin Mongol autonomous region. It is easy to travel to Bosten Lake from Xinjiang as well as Yanqi. This lake is also known by the names - Bositeng Hu, Bosten Hu, Bositeng Lake, Bagrax-hu, Bagrasch-köl, Bagratsch-kul and Baghrasch köl. The main tributary of Bosten Lake is Kaidu River. Other important tributaries are River Wu La Si Te, River Qing Shui and Huang Shui Ditch.

Main ecological resources

The main resources are reeds, Bosten water lilies, fish and migrant birds. The active fishery at this lake is very famous. Till early seventies, the main species Aspiorhynchus and Schizothorax Biddulphi were the main fish item cropped from the lake. Later various other species were introduced into the lake. Now European perch is a very dominating species found in the catches here.

Bosten Lake possesses the largest area in which water lilies are naturally grown in China. This offers people great enjoyment. Reeds amount to an area of four hundred thousand mu. It grows in small lake bank as well as peacock river bank. Reeds are dense, straight and tall in Bosten Lake. Travellers can enjoy it along the lake. In autumn as well as summer season, white plumed egrets, wild ducks and geese can be seen sporting in Bosten Lake. Boating can provide a great experience. One can enjoy natural scenery and beautiful lotus here.

Travel Tips

The best time to visit is autumn and summer season. From post office of Korla, one can get bus to Bosten Lake. The admission fee is just thirty Yuan. 

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