Dulongjiang in Yunnan Province

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Dulongjiang is located in Yunnan province of China. This township is the last China town which was linked by roads. Special measures are taken to introduce a tour bus route in Dulongjiang recently. It is situated in northern Nujiang prefecture in Gongshan County. This place was named after Dulongjiang River. Earlier, it was not known much to people because of the isolation it had from outside world. Dulongjiang is home of formerly primitive tribe known as Druang or Dulong. This place is well known for traditional tribal culture possessed by Dulong ethnic minority. This tribal people are only several thousands. The sceneries and people offer a great experience to travelers visiting Dulongjiang.

Dulongjiang is located in a valley where River Dulongjiang runs. It is totally isolated in eastern and western side by mountains. To western side, it is neighbored by Myanmar. One has to travel via a winding dangerous mountainous route in order to reach Dulongjiang. This route has a elevation that reaches over four thousand meters. The road, which is nearly ninety six kilometers long is generally closed for six months every year because ice blocking and snowfall. The travel become dangerous during warmer months because the avalanche, rock falls and landslides become common risk factors. No faint hearted person can travel through this route. Every visitor is therefore strongly recommended not to use road in rainy season.

Dulongjiang Valley

Three ethnic minorities live in Dulongjiang Valley for ages. The main ethnic minorities are Nu, Dulong and Lisu. It attracts lot of adventurous travelers by the original cultures of ethnic minorities, untouched natural beauty and spiritual facial tattoo custom. Valley is connected to Gongshan Town by a small dirty road. To people outside this town, this valley is generally called as "the Valley of Death". It's certainly a very amazing and exciting adventure to travel in Dulongjiang Valley which is isolated as well as mysterious.

Many bus routes will be opened to allow people to view the scenic spots of Nujiang, like Dulongjiang Dulong Autonomous Township. Having a bus night overnight will provide memories that can never be forgotten by any person. In month of June, there is a Dragon boat festival conducted on twenty third of June every year. A romantic song competition is conducted here to celebrate Pumi Ethnic Valentine’s Day that is been joined by many thousands from different parts of world. Special big treat is offered to each and every visitor to Dulongjiang.

Travel Tips

The appropriate time to visit Dulongjiang is from month of September to October. There are several options to reach Gongshan Town form Kunming. Public bus services are available from Gongshan daily. The bus fare is just sixty Yuan. In winter season, roads will be closed because of snowfall. You can find lot of Derong Women who have tattooed their faces. If you need to capture their picture, you may have to pay them sometimes. They may demand for hundred Yuan or more. For accommodation, there are several basic lodgings available.

Get your best picture with a traditional facial tattooed woman of Dulongjiang Valley!

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