Karamay River – The Banks Are Beautifully Designed

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Karamay River flows through the city of Karamay originating from the Jiulong Pond to the Xiyue Pond Reservoir. The reservoir is located in the southwest of Karamay city. It has a length of 8.51 kilometers and has a width of 15 meters. The depth of the river varies from 1.8 meters to 2.3 meters.  The river banks are beautifully developed to attract tourists. Especially the section between Wind City High Reservoir and Karamay are one of the best landscape designer marvels.  The river is the life artery of city Karamay and main source of water supply to the oil city that do not have water resources.

Five major sections:
The river banks have beautifully designed roads and flanked by trees on the side ways. The promenades are designed for leisure walking. The Karamay River scenic area is divided in to five major sections. Counting from east to west, you can see Jiulong Pond area, Jungar area, Kunlun area, Central scenic area and West City scenic area.  The canal banks are connected with twenty bridges and fifteen foot bridges. Only five bridges are opened for motorized vehicles and rests are for non-motorized vehicles and pedestrians.  The bridges are designed with modern architectural features to make it an impressive spectacle to the tourists. With different shape and structure the bridges display the engineering artistic talents. You can see stone arch bridges, concrete bridges and steel bridges.

The canal was officially charged on August 8, 2008 which is also the festival time of Water Festival of Karamay. The spectacular illumination makes the river so beautiful during night and creates a heavenly feeling. With modern entertainment facilities, this is considered as an entertainment hub for tourists. During night the multi color illuminated river banks and the reflections on the water creates a kind of magical feeling.

The Friendship Bridge:

The Friendship Bridge is the entry gate to Karamay. Built in cable suspended design, the bridge is 249.05 meters in length.  Close to the river is the largest man made park. The garden landscape is designed with artificial rivers, fountains, lawns, multicolored promenades, different plants, colorful illuminations, pools, rockeries, recreation centers and entertainment facilities is a concentrated effort by the authorities to create a wonderland of wonders. The professionally managed area has been adjudged as one of the best recreation center and entertainment with 4A grading.


The area is windy with typical continental climate with less rain. As the river is situated in the high altitude location, you can experience extreme cold climate during winter and summer will be very hot.  The best season to visit the tourist spot is during spring and autumn.

Travel Tips:

The city Karamay is well connected with air route and road net work. Tourists can take bus from Urumqi to Karamay. From Karamay bus station you can hope in to a tourist bus or tax service to Karamay River scene location.  The Airport is 17 kilometers far from the city. There is only one flight leaving to Urumqi from Karamay Air port. Whenever you are planning a holiday trip to China, try to fix a good English speaking guide that can ease up your travel issues.

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