Heishangu Scenic Spot-The Biological Gene Bank

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Heishangu Scenic Spot is situated at the Heishan Town, in Wangsheng District of Chongqing Municipality in People's Republic of China. This tourist attraction spot is 110 kilometer far from the district of Chongqing. The scenic spot is 97 percentage richly blessed with dense forest. For the same reason this is also called as "biological gene bank of Chongqing and Guizhou". In October 2012, this scenic spot is approved as "State 5A-class tourist scenic area". As a result Chongqing became the first five national 5A-class tourist attractions in the People's Republic of China.

Renowned tourist location:

Heishangu is part of the Daloushan Black Mountains the imperial canyon which is also located within the Town of Wansheng known for the virgin, pristine ecological scenic natural environment consisting of five beautiful gorge, seven district, twelve peaks, thirty six bridges, ninety nine small and large waterfalls, one hundred and eight lakes and so many beautiful landscapes. Stretched over 13 kilometer length and height of 1,200 meters summit and large meadow valley which slants at about 70-80 degrees is called as "landscape Tralin holes, odd steep Show You" is interlinked between Chongqing and Guizhou karst is the main attraction of the Black Mountain Valley. This is definitely is 'Yu-Nan Jiuzhaigou" or "Geologic Garden" by all means and hence is renowned location of tourist and leisure activities.

China's most beautiful health Canyon

This area is called as "China's most beautiful health Canyon" because of the natural oxygen bar. The concentration of negative oxygen ions per cubic centimeter is up to 110,000. Which means you will have hundreds of thousands of negative oxygen ions while you breathe from here. This is attributed due to the high concentration of dense forest which is calculated as 97 percentage and the presence of black soil in the Mountain.

There are so many protected plant species you can find in this location and that is the reason why this location is called as "Chongqing and Guizhou Biological Gene Bank" Black Mountain Valley. Some of the protected plants are Cyathea, Ye, Silver fir, Dove and Liriodendraon. Also some of the fragrant fruit trees, Foshan Jin Lan, Gutta, Fuijian Cypress, Toon, Phoebe etc., can be seen here. Some of the rare protected plant beans such as Amentotaxus, Tianma, Huang Bo also can be seen here. Ornamental plants such as Heishangu Alpine Azalea and Wild Cherry are the identity of the biological gene park. In addition to plants, you can see black stork, clouded leopard, pictus, syrmaticus, pangolins, and wild goats etc., which are all falling under the category of protected animals. The presence of amphibians, reptiles, birds, insects and fish etc., contributed richness to the area.

Heishangu Scenic beauty changes along with the four season and in all four season you can see the wonderful Kai King. In winter the location is covered by clouds is something beautiful to watch. In summer the Wanshan Pinnacle Mountain will be quite notwithstanding the busy summer creations. During spring the blooming plants, singing birds gives an awesome feeling of natures wonders take you back to the nature.

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