The Kurdish Ning Scenic Area

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The Kurdish Ning Scenic Area is a perfect region to all people who search for unspoiled mountain scenery. It is very stunning with a distinct culture. It possesses several authentic cultural encounters being a primary attraction in China. The main features of Kurdish Ning Scenic Area are the hospitable loving and proud people, old archaeological sites, and beautiful rural areas. This area is an attraction located in Xinjiang of China. It is situated east of mountains, nearly eighty six kilometers from the eastern part of the Gongliu County. The most beautiful Squaw Valley trends north south near these mountains for about fourteen kilometers width to minimum of one kilometer. The mean altitude at the Kurdish Ning Scenic Area is approximately one thousand five hundred meters.

Perfect spot for photography

Along the beautiful mountains in Kurdish Ning Scenic Area, the unique appearance is much seen in the ravine. The wide valley at the spot has the mountain peaks that are capped with snow, in a parallel style. There are many transverse grooves here. This region has become as very popular attractive and tourist destination for years. In spring season, the mountains will be covered with lovely flower carpets. In autumn, the defoliation starts. It is really hard to explain the scenic beauty of Kurdish Ning Scenic Area. The extraordinary magnificence mesmerizes every visitor to this region. It is perfect spot for photographers. Thousands of photographers visit every year at Kurdish Ning Scenic Area to capture best images of their lifetime.

Wild grassland and animals

The woodlands and mountains are so beautiful here. The mountains peaks that overlook sunrise and sunset are truly inexplicable by words. The Kurdish Ning Scenic Area is not only loved and explored by tourists, but also by painters as well as photographers. It is recognized as a great source of creativity and fun. There are recreational areas near to this spot. Surrounding these mountains, there is consistent flow of a river that increases the beauty. The forests here are so dense and have lot of wild animals too. This area is having a distinct topography with unique climate. It is more evident in Gangnam Shan Qing. The attractive scenery of wild grasslands in Kurdish Ning Scenic Area holds tourists visiting here for longer period.

The most significant landscapes near to Kurdish Ning Scenic Area are Crow Ridge immortal wall, Dutch Cang Glens Falls, Cameroon Bamber, Dutch cang gorge waterfall, Tikekala GA Yi Lin Hai, Hung Hua Lin, Kuerdening grassland, Dutch Cang Pass and more.

Travel Tips

This Chinese destination can be visited anytime. The spring is best period for photographers to visit to capture the best scenic images. To learn more on the topography, many research students visit this area every year. Flight, train and bus services are available to Xijiang from any part of the world. The Kurdish Ning scenic area is a natural reserve which is never spoiled. The beauty is still preserved here. Each pass at the Kurdish Ning scenic region has distinct features. Visit Kurdish Ning scenic area at the earliest to learn more! 

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