Wulong Xiannushan – Most Beautiful Location for Leisure and Entertainment

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Quite interestingly to be noted that Xiannushan otherwise known as Fairy Mountain is located in the Wulong county of Shuanghe village, Chongqing city, in Sichuan Province of People's Republic of China. The name Xiannushan is translated to read as Fairy Mountain, named after one of the mountain in the in the ranch looked like a dancing fairy. The main attraction in Wulong is the Fairy Mountain National Forest Park, one of the top ten tourist attraction in China falling under the category of 5A level scenic area.

Natural beauty in its full swing:

Wulong situated in the southeastern edge of Chongqing ranches is a small mountain town. Wulong Karst is famous for its peculiar landscape, as you can see various types of natural beauty that you can find in several of part of world. Hence it is considered as China's sixth World Natural Heritage. The beauty of the landscape is bemusing rich with its finest natural artistic beauty. The more you come closer to the Fairy Mountain; you will start loving the scenic beauty that ever.

Xiannushan or Fair Hill, which is officially known as Fairy Mountain National Forest Park is not quite far from Chongqing city. You can reach to the Fairy Hill Park within three hours of driving. The road network service to the Fairy Mountain National Forest Park area is excellent. The newly built Chongqing Fuling expressways, the Fu Wu highway linking to Wulong are great thoroughfare that makes the journey so comfortable. Towards Chongqing City, you can see the Doline Bridge which is located 20 kilometers southeast to Wulong County. The Fairy Hill area is about 100 square kilometers consisting beautiful sceneries. During summer time the maximum temperature will be 18 degree to 20 degree Celsius, which is very much comfortable for tourists.

Transportation to Wulong Fairy Hill:

There are regular bus services to Chongqing Wulong from main cities and you can hope to Wulong Fairy Hill coaches at Chongqing Wulong bus terminal. The journey will be through Yu Fu Express way from Fuling to Wulong country and from there the bus will take you to Wulong Fairy Hill. You need to cover about 200 kilometers, which will take approximately two and half to three hours. The journey to Wulong Mountain hair bend road will be a remarkable experience. The entire stretch of 28 kilometer road is with bends and hair pin roads are smooth but the journey will test your driving skills.

Leisure activities:

Summer time is considered as the best time for visiting Fairy Hill station. Tourists are advised to carry non-slip rubber shoes, which has high grips that will help you to trek the mountains smoothly. The temperature will be normal and tourists can engage in the various leisure activities such as horse riding, grass skiing and other recreation activities. The most important activities in the Fairy Mountain area are visiting Furong Dong Cave entrance, Flying Fox, Boat cruise and cable car trip over the mountain. Pleasant climate, wonderful landscapes and express highway make Fairy Mountain trip an extra ordinary memorable leisure engagement.

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