Korla – The City of Pears

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Korla is a city of mid size, which is located in central Xinjiang of China. It is under Bayingolin autonomous prefecture. It is also known as Kuerle or Kurla. It is well known for the sweet smelling pears. This city covers a total area over seven thousand square kilometres. In Uygur, the term Korla refers to ‘overlook’. Korla is capital city of Bayin’gholin Mongol prefecture.

Multi ethnic groups

The land of Korla is much higher at northern side. It slopes to southern most part in an oasis of fertility with fan shape. The River Kongque has its entire course in this region. It is surrounded by Tarim Basin in northeast, branches of Tianshan Mountain in north – specifically Hualashan Mountain and Kuluke Mountain and in southern part; it is surrounded by Taklimakan Desert. There are many nationalities in Korla such as Hui, Han ethnic group, Mongolian, Uygur, and more. The minorities count to nearly thirty percent of entire population in Korla. The neighbouring areas of Korla City are Yuli County, Hejing County, Bohu County, Luntai County and Heshuo County.

Extensive farmlands

It is known as a very prosperous city in China. It is the largest centre after Karashahr. This city possesses extensive farmlands as well as abundant water. After sighting of oil at Taklimakan Desert, it has made Korla a very populous and developed one. It is now a home to a big operational centre for exploration of petroleum in Xinjinag. The aromatic pears produced in Korla are very popular due to its flavour as well as sweetness. Therefore, Korla is also known as the city of pears. The temperature of this city on average is 11.4 degree Celsius annually. The climate at Korla is warm temperate and continental dry type. Every year, they get sunshine for two thousand nine hundred and ninety hours. On average, the frost free period is for two hundred and ten days.

Travel Tips

Korla, being on old Silk Road can be reached by plane, bus, or train. The transportation hub at Korla is four hundred seventy kilometres away from Urumqi and two hundred eighty kilometres far from Kuqa. One can get flights from Urumqi daily. There are eight flights between Urumqi and Korla. The duration of travel from Urumqi is just thirty minutes. To reach Korla, one can get flights from other provinces like Beijing, Chengdu, and Jinan. Korla Airport is in fact a small cab travel away.

Korla railway station is located in city’s south eastern corner. Get train from Kashgar and Urumqi to reach Korla. There are train services to Turpan, Xi’an, Hami, Chengdu and Lanzhou too. At Beishan road, there is a bus station. By bus, one can start from Yining, Hotan, Urumqi, Kashgar, Ruoqiang and Kuqa. It takes six hours to reach Korla from Urumqi. There is a newly constructed dessert road which passes through Taklimakan. This road reaches Heitan City and Minfeng County. The appropriate time to have a visit to Korla is from the month of August to September because of very comfortable climatic conditions.
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