Cuihua Mountain – China’s unveiled National Geo-Park

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The Cuihua Mountain is currently a national geo-park located in China. It is well known for its landside scenery. It is situated nearly twenty kilometers from Xi’an, specifically in northern part of Qinling Mountain in district of Chang’an. This spot is one among the first eleven geo-parks that is approved by National land resources dept. in China. The attractive place covers nearly thirty two square kilometers with a highest peak of two thousand six hundred and four meters. Earlier, it was developed as imperials forest park named Shang Lin and imperial garden named Yu Huayuan during period of Qin Han as well as Tang dynasties respectively.

At present, Cuihua Mountain is one well developed geo-par with AAAA grade, which is popular due to its distinct and uncommon landslide topography. Therefore, it is also called natural geo-morphological museum. As per the historical data, landslide happened in a big earthquake in 780 BC. The amazing landscape and its huge size is distinct at China and abroad. In 1992, it was named Zhongnanshan national forest as the landslide occurred during period of Zhou dynasty. In 1977, it was suggested as one among top rated attractions located in Xian.

Main sections of Cuihua Mountain geo-park

This geo-park is mainly divided into three regions, namely the Ganqiuchi forest gym section, Tianchi landslide science cum recreation section, and Yifangyuan ecological sightseeing region. In Ganqiuchi forest gym section, one can have a walk through old paths built during period of Qin as well as Chu dynasties. It will help travelers to understand the tough circumstances that the old traders faced while travelling from north to south of the Qinling Mountain and vice versa. Here, one can see beautiful ink pine dense forest s and beautiful cloud sea.

In the Tianchi landslide recreation cum science area, people can enjoy sightseeing well from boats, yachts, and more. In order to enhance the flexibility as well as balance, the water walking balls can offer a great help. It can provide zero distance water contact. In month of May, Huai blossoms and its sweet smell will pervade in the atmosphere. Travelers are much interested in different natural food stuffs available in this attractive site. For excellent sightseeing, the option is to visit Yifangyuan ecological sightseeing region, which is a freshly developed attractive region. One can walk through its winding paths and view the beautiful sceneries. Singing birds will catalyze the lovely environment. The oxygen filled atmosphere can even prolong one’s life here. It is so pure!

During April second week, a mountain climbing festival is conducted in which over thousand people from different parts of the world attend. In month of May, countless cuckoos fill the area. This mountainous area is perfect spot for tourists to visit all round the year because it provides differing views. Summer will offer great views of waterfall feast. But, in winter season, freezing of waterfall happens. The area always possesses a temperate weather with four unique seasons.

Travel tips:

The admission fee varies with seasons. It is seventy Yuan from March to November while forty five Yuan from December to February. The opening hours are from 8 am to 7 pm. To reach Cuihua Mountain, there are bus services from Xian Airport and Xian Railway Station. Many sightseeing minibuses and buses are also available. Visit Cuihua Mountain which is endowed with several cultural sights and natural features!

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