Guanyin Gorge– History and Myths!

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Gap Guanyin is located in Lijiang in China. The Guanyin beautiful gorge is situated seventeen kilometers from the seven township office of Lijiang. It covers a total area of sixteen thousand acres. It is a wonderful nature resource reserve which possesses plenty of human resources too. The attractive sites in Guanyin canyon scenery is complemented by various quaint and magnificent Naxi customs. This has hailed Lijiang as First King. It is a spacious bright rural area which offers an opportunity to experience the real artistic charm.

Buddhism become a state religion

Empress Wu, who lived centuries ago, had taken lot of initiatives to elevate the status of women in society. The biographies of well known women were written by scholars during her period. She believed that perfect ruler must rule just as a mother looks after her children. Even in her brutal ascend to power, her rule did prove to be compassionate and gentle. She was first female Son of heaven in history of China. She was also known as Shengmu which means holy mother, Sacred Emperor of Golden Cakra, Her Majesty from Phoenix Throne and more. She placed Buddhism as state religion over Taoism. Several temples and sculptures in caves were made in relation to Buddhist beliefs and views. Several statues were casted as per her liking. Her efforts to construct innumerable female images led to popularization of Guanyin as goddess. The Guanyin gap has many Guanyin images that have uniquely feminine royal bearing appearances.

Guanyin sect a powerful and living culture

The Guanyin sect became more popular in China when it got connected to several spots. People began visiting the places from different parts of the world. The fame of Guanyin deity led to development of several cultic centers at different places. The Guanyin portraits and images can be viewed much on the Guanyin gorge area. The pilgrims as well as shrines have made Guanyin sect a powerful and living culture within and outside land of China. Apart from the religion aspect, the Guanyin gap is much popular due to its natural beauty of cliffs and tiny waterfalls. Millions of people are visiting this gorge every year.

The history and myths behind the Guanyin is innumerable. Many people visit this area to learn and excavate more on it. In today’s modern culture, there has been lot of variations in its concept. In TV series released in 2005, named Fo Guang Shan, it emphasized on theme that all individuals can be like Guanyin. Research studies are still going on to make people aware of Guanyin.

Travel Tips

In Guanyin Gap, the accommodation is bit sophisticated. There are several hotels and restaurants to support the tourists at Lijiang. Inexpensive inns can also be found. The pleasant year around weather always gives an opportunity to visitors to be at Guanyin gap anytime. Flights are available from Kunming, Chongqing and Chengdu to Lijiang always. Regular bus services are available which will take you from airport to Guanyin gap. The rates are reasonable. There are several other places nearby to get around such as Black dragon pool, Dragon Bridge, and more.

Visit Guanyin Gap to know more on history of China! 

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