Wild Elephants Valley - A Popular Destination in Xishuangbanna

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Banna Wild Elephants Valley is situated in Yunnan province, specifically in the Xishuangbanna prefecture. This elephant viewing resort located in Mengyang Nature Reserve is very popular across the globe. This tourism region is at a height of 747 to 1055 meters over level of sea. It is nearly forty five kilometers from Jinghong and measures nine hundred acres in area. This natural reserve has plenty of different natural resources which consists of tropical rainforest, half deciduous rain forests, subtropical forest, and evergreen broad leafed forests.

Entire reserve is having many small hill rocks, low hills, wide valleys, several waterholes, and more that helps in meeting each and every biological requirement of wild elephants. Here, wild elephants are living in a highly protected habitat. The official authorities of Elephant Park are taking efforts to breed more. Many elephants have born at this park already. The elephants which wander between Mengyu and Mengla within protection zone are considered as national elephants, but the one which wander about Mengla protection zone are regarded as International elephants since it passes through China-Laos border always.

Main features

About seventy to hundred elephants live there. Various viewing platforms are been constructed to help visitors to view elephants as well as other animals. Hostels are also built in this elephant park. Near riverbank, many cabins on strong concrete poles are built for visitors to view the elephants drinking and bathing in mornings as well as evenings. A special show of trained elephants is loved by everyone who visits the place. Children particularly like this elephant park. Over this wonderful forest, there is service of long tram available.
The other feature is that it includes a butterfly park, netted bird aviary and peacock park. Tamed elephants can be fed by visitors if needed. The cost of feeding food is high, but can be purchased at 1.5 USD or ten CNY. The elephants that are trained will do lot many tricks. Water Splashing Festival is a very popular festival conducted every year in Elephant Valley. Mostly, it is help in month of April.

Four main sites inside Elephant Valley

This nature reserve has mainly fours spots of interest to travelers. They are Asian elephant ecological observation center, Asian elephant breeding center founded by State Forestry Commission under government of China, Jinuo ethnic minority village that possesses facility of tent camping, campfire parties, and rental mountain huts, and a natural corridor where there is free roaming of wild animals like bear, water buffalo, etc. A distinct lifestyle can be viewed in Jinuo village. Ritualistic music which is popular is played using sacred and huge sun drums.

Travel tips

One may choose National Road in Jinghong to reach Elephant Park. Since it is just forty seven kilometers from Jinghong, visitors normally prefer bus services from bus station in Jinghong. The bus costs less than twelve CNY. The opening hours of Banna Wild Elephants Valley are from seven in the morning to nine at night every day. There are cases of elephant attacks. Therefore, it is wise to view elephants along with trained people or guides in designated spots. Try the cable way to cross Elephant valley. It is awesome!

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