Huma County - A Real Heaven For People Who Love Snow

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Huma County is located in northern part of Heilongjiang province in China. The seat of this beautiful county is situated on right bank of River Amur, about a small number of kilometers upstream near fall of River Huma into River Amur. Huma County comes under Da Hinggan Ling prefecture.

History behind Huma County

The predecessor of today’s Huma County is Kumarsk. It was one of the fortified towns in Russia located in a region near River Amur. It was founded by Yerofey Khabarov and friends in 1652. It happened during his move back from Achansk, analogous to current Khabarovsk, in where Yerofey Khabarov was besieged by Daur and Manchu allied forces. In mid seventeenth century, Komar fortress which was protected by brave ataman Onufriy Stepanov and his five hundred Cossacks got encircled by Qing army. This army was led by strong Ming’andali which consisted of nearly ten thousand men. Several outnumbered guards drove away many assaults. The protected Manchu boosted the cordon the next month. The entire town was surrendered to the powerful Qing Empire just after the signing of Nerchinsk Treaty in 1689.

Continental Climate

Huma County is visited by many travelers from different parts of the world. This tourist destination possesses a humid continental weather that in monsoon influenced. The summers are very warm as well as humid. But, the winter season is really dry and severely cold. The annual mean temperature of this county is low and therefore will lead to formation of sporadic permafrost over the sheltered spots that are not common generally. Annual precipitation mainly happens during the period from month of June to September. The possible sunshine attained varies from fifty two percent in July to seventy three percent in February every year. The gorgeous sunshine is available in this area for nearly 2595 hours every year.

There are lot many people who love snow. If you like it, then Huma county is a must see spot. Almost every area in Heilongjiang province has very wonderful scenery due to snowfall. Near to Huma County, there are numerous other attractive places famous for music, culture, traditions and more. Certain festive events that are celebrated in the entire province are Ice Festival, National Ski Festival and more. Harbin is a popular music town loved by millions across the globe. There are many ethnic minority groups in Huma County. The life styles of these groups very much. People find it very interesting to spend hours with them. This helps in attaining great knowledge on the place and traditions.

Travel Tips

It is best to first analyze the climatic conditions and then plan a trip to Huma County. Never forget to carry clothes that will suit the climatic conditions. Summers are cool and therefore, it is best to visit Huma County in summer season. But, for those who love snow, it is best to visit in winter season. Many travelers visit Huma just to have a glimpse of snow. For certain tourists, it is one time lifetime opportunity. Hurry Up!

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