Erlang Mountain – And the Butterflies

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Erlang Mountain is located nearly fifty 50 kilometers away from western part of Tianquan County in province named Sichuan Province in China. This spot is three thousand four hundred and thirty seven meters above level of sea. During the month of May, the azaleas boom in different colors like blue, red, white and purple color over mountain. This scenery attracts several amazing butterflies to dance around it.

Attractive and peculiar traits:

On Erlang Mountain, there is one eye catching spot, which is really as cliff that has a very deep valley underneath. There are many ice peaks across this mountain cliff. There are ending points of glaciers too in olden times. The sound of River Qingyi as well as springs near the transparent brooks can be clearly heard via grasslands and dense pine forests. One can also view white clouds floating in blue sky above the mountain. This adds very attractive and peculiar traits to beauty of this popular mountain.

This mountain is infamous for the bad weather as well as the cragged nature. It has the first dangerous as well as critical pass from Sichuan province in China to Tibet along Chuanzang Road. This mountain is also known as Tian Qian which implies Natural Moat. At Erlang Mountain, there is frequent storms, mudslides, perennial heavy snow, and thick fogs. This will create great difficulty to have smooth transportation during the period of raining and snowing. This tough period covers nearly nine months every year.

Erlang Mountain Tunnel

In 1996, a major project was introduced in Sichuan to built Erlang Mountain Tunnel. It began with basic investment of four hundred forty million RMB. This mountain tunnel starts in Longdanxi located in Tianquan County. It ends in the Bietuo Village situated in Luding County. The length of tunnel is eight thousand six hundred and sixty meters and runs across Erlang mountainside. The main tunnel possesses a length of four thousand one hundred seventy two meters and net width of nine meters. Its height is nearly two thousand one hundred eighty two meters above level of sea. The Erlang Mountain Tunnel is the highest and longest and the highest road tunnel operating in China.

King of Sichuan Mountains:

The scenic spots near Erlang Mountain are intersecting point of River Dadu and River Qingyi. This is a natural geographic boundary popular across the globe. It is famous for the well known song – Singing Erlang Mountain. The mountain peaks, boundless woods, deep cum quiet gorges, and more have made this mountain a well known tourist destination. Apart from all these, travelers can see stunning sight wonders of Gongga snow peak which is known as king of Sichuan Mountains. During winter season, it is completely covered with snow that looks silver white. The iced drop can be seen hanging from branches. By late springs and early summers, flowers bloom colorfully and brightly at Chahe River, Muyepeng, and Tuanniuping. There are many dove tree flowers that can be seen commonly there. Other attractions are Black Swallow stone forest, Shigangzi Valley waterfall, Nongba valley waterfall, and more. Rare animals can also be viewed here.

Travel tips

Erlang Mountain is located in Sichuan province. One can reach Sichuan by train or airways from any part of the world. Regular bus and taxi services are available to take people from Sichuan to Erlang Mountain scenic spots.

The blooming flowers invite you to Erlang Mountain. Hurry up!

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