Hailuo Valley Hot Spring

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Hailuo Valley Hot Spring is situated in the eastern side of Gongga Mountain, in the Sichuan Province of the People’s Republic of China. The Gongga Mountain is stretched on the eastern edge of Qinchai-Tibetan Plateau. This valley is under the jurisdiction of Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. Hailuo valley is located on the bottom portion of Gongga Mountain. Incidentally, it should be noted that the Gongga Mountain is a picturesque snow topped peak one of the beautiful mountains in the stretch of this high altitude mountainous terrain. The snow cap bridge down to the entire mountain and the valley to make it looks like a white feather coated natures wonder.

It would be a surprising experience to watch hot springs in the cold snow area. The hot springs exudes from the underground. The temperature of the hot springs can be up to 90 degree Celsius which is almost near to the boiling temperature of water. In the opening area of the spring, there you can see always a pool or pools with full of ice or with blue water. The ice cube formed in to different statue look like sculptures is something very much intriguing. Apart from this there are lots of waterfalls which are crystal clear.


Hot springs have medicinal properties:
The hot springs do have lots of medical properties. The rich mineral contents of the spring water are good for arthritis, diabetes mellitus, gastroenterology and neuralgia. The water is odorless. Lots of steam bath facilities can be seen here. This would be one of the best experiences you can have while you trek through the Spring Valley.

When comparing to the other part of this stretch, Hailuo Valley is not having extreme cold climate. Hence this is considered as a good tourist destination. Enjoyment of hot spring and spring bath add up the unusual experience. You can also feel the fall of snow flakes, which flow like a white beard. It is easily vaporized when exposed to sunlight and drizzle like a micro spray. A funny enchanting experience one can always cherish in his life.

There are 29 hot spring pools in this location that include the famous Immortal Bathing Pool and Unique Golden Conch Pool.

Travel tips:

The nearest fully fledged city with rail, road and air traffic net work is Chengdu. You can have regular bus service or tourist bus service to Hailuo Valley Hot Spring. The bus will take you to Moxi Town and from there you have to trek all the way to the Hot Spring Valley. Entry to the Spring Valley is restricted with a fee of CNY 70 per head. Also, tourist vehicles will be charged CNY 70 extra per vehicle.

Health warning:
People prone to high altitude sickness need to take care of their health especially during spring time. Due to high condense of snow; there will be less oxygen in the air. It is not advised to take long bath in the hot spring. Sometimes that may adversely affect your heart condition. During winter season, while you are having hot spring bath pay attention to the immediate body temperature changes. You need to carry hot cloth to cover yourself to maintain the body temperature. Otherwise, you may prone to cold or climatic sickness.

Overall it is going to be a funny experience! Enjoy your time in the snow surface of the mountains.

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