Authentic Danjia Wedding

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There was a typical Danjia custom wedding outside of the sandy beach today, which last three days. And event the CCTV "Across China" column came to record the whole process, although the wind was blowing hard, ang it was very cold (because near the sea), but many people had arrived at the bridge of the beach in the early morning.

Danjia family, also called Danjia people. Danjia people mean that people live on the boat, because they float on the sea all over the years like the eggs floating on the saturated salt solution, so they are named Danjia people. According to anthropologist study analysis, it is confirmed that Danjia people does not an independent nation, but a collectively of coastal residents, they are Han Chinese. Danjia people, mostly native of boat dwellers such as Yangjiang, Panyu, Shunde, Nanhai counties. Now mainly distribute in Yangjiang, Guangdong, Panyu, Shunde, Nanhai, Guangxi Beihai, Fangchenggang, Sanya, Hainan and other coastal areas.

It is said that the Danjia family in North Sea was boat people in the past, living by fishing on the sea. Today Danjia family live ashore, many people no longer engage in the fishing industry, and the traditional customs of Danjia also change a lot. Generally, the traditional Danjia wedding is two days wedding, linking the boats into a row on the water, decorating the house, men and women singing in antiphonal style, sending gifts and flowers.

Because this was the first time I took part in such wedding, and I still confused about something. Let us look at the pictures.

The beginning of drums scene

This is today's hero, very unique and special.

It was said that the ship was used for sending bride price, but I could not see the bride price.

The groom is in this board of end side of the brige, the bride is in the board of that side of the bridge.

The bride covered the veil all the time. 

The bride held that ribbon with one hand.

At the left, there was a staff from CCTV “Across China” Colum holding a camera to record the wedding. 

Aunts sitting around the table were all holding a fan.

Because the wedding would be last for three days, so the groom didn’t meet the bride on that day, so the bride had to remain covered with the veil. The whole activities were all over, it can be said it was only a prelude.

The second day of Danjia Wedding

The wedding continued at 8 am in the third day in the Old Street. Transfer to the outside sand beach bridge from the Old Street .


Yellow dress is the matchmaker

Can you find the CCTV female reporter, is it tough?

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