Greeting Spring Fire—Minnan Traditional Practices

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The 10th of the lunar calendar is a day for "Qingshui Father"(in Zhao Ling Temple) patrolling throughout the village. On this day, the village always has a sea of people, with red flag fluttering, drumming, firecrackers, all the villagers come to pray to this " Qingshui Father " for good weather, peace and prosperity in the coming new year.

Attention: the Qingshui Father in Zhao Ling Temple is one of the national 4A level scenic tourist area in Anxi Qingshuiyan Father.

First flag in front of us, imposing extraordinary.

On the way

Passing by the border

On the way

Lion dance team

Father prayed for people in the border of the town.

Little children liked to carry these color flags.

Passing by the lane

Leaders the village invited this country band to add the atmosphere, very good.

Still in the lane

The table was filled with sacrificial offerings from the local villagers here!

These were sedan chairs which were made up of Father and the other great gods in the village.

Burnning the golden paper.

Devout believer was praying ... wonderful lion dance

Still lion dancing

Of course, there wouldnt be no dragon team of their own.

This was the gong drum team from neighboring village.

In the afternoon, went on patrolling through the village to every corner of the village.

There were a lot of people followed behind, walking, cycling.

The gong broke a fresh path.

To another corner of the village, here also need worship ceremony, they had arranged about a dozen places, centralized worship.

Worship time, we could have a nap near by.

And then headed for the next stop.

Along the way, there was sound of firecrackers constantly, very crowded.

The Father was also prayed here .

I remember there were four places needed such pray in the village, and a rabbi was also needed.

this Father chair was the most heavy, and would frequent substitutions.

Dragon dance team were all young guys.

How long a dragon!

These arches were donations from others.

Seeing these guys carrying the sedan chairs, sturdy.

The firecracker sound was too loud....suona horn

Worship ceremony

This was a feature of the village--waterwheel House, the children must have a suitable height and weight then could be selected to sit on it.

This chair was beautiful carved, which cost tens of thousands yuan. Sometimes they would use a car to pull, it would be more easier.

What a pious elderly!

Some people gathered to watch in the street from time to time.

The road was blocked up.

So the villager must sent some people to maintain order at the scene.

To this side it was almost drawing to a close.

Honorarium from this little lion.

Father was back to the house, and the ceremony was over.

Brief introduction of Qingshui Father:

Qingshui Father, also known as "Ma Zhang Master", also known as the "black face father" or“Qingshui Father Buddha”, in Fujian province, but known as the "founder of the public"  in Taiwan.

Merits and Achievements of Qingshui Father

Bridge-building: Building a bridge, bring convenience to people. Qingshui Father advised people to build ten bridges in Yongchun, after arriving Anxi, he donated a lot of money to make the Tongquan bridge, Gukou bridge, Taikou bridge. Qingshui Father donated a lot to build dozens of bridges in his lifetime on behalf of others, which of course helpe a lot, naturally he was loved and admired by all.

Applying medication: the so-called “save a life is better than build seven Buddhas”. Qingshui Father was a good doctor and had saved many people in the his life-time. 

Pray for rain: most people believe that ordinary people can not control natural phenomena, such as rain or not, only the sacred can make it. But Qingshui Father had prayed for rain successfully several times, it was miracles, so Qingshui Father had been enveloped in a shroud of mystery.

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