A pure natural oxygen bar

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Black Dragon Mountain Forest Park is located in Black Dragon Forest Farm,Chicheng county, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei provice. This Park has a total area of 7034.4 hectares. It contains three scenic spots, including: Heiheyuan scenic covers an area of 2688.3 hectares, Donghouding scenic area 1432.0 hectares, Xiangshui Valley scenic area of 2914.1 hectares.

This park is in the north direction, 240 km away from Beijing,and it is one of the original eco-Forest Park close to Beijing, as well as a natural oxygen green bar.

The Park is the birthplace of Black River,with hundreds of springs at every scenic area,which merge into Black River. Black River has total length of 105.7 kilometers, and a 1514 square kilometers drainage area, the average annual flow of 3.9 cubic meters per second. 

Many people prefer riding to driving from Beijing to here, many people prepare rather well.

A group of cattle in the forest are eating the grass leisurely at a not too far distance, I did not dare to walk deep into there, I was afraid there were bugs in the grass.

The sky was really blue, the clouds were really white, and the grass and trees were green. It was really nice to enjoy the scenery there. 

This is a path into the mountains, the path is actually flowing down from the mountains in a small stream. Drove along the way, we knew it must be a source of abundant water flowing down from the Black River many years ago.

Structure generated by the different texture, erosion by wind and rain thunder and lightning, with a long time of deposition, turned out to be the magic in our eyes.

Many locals grazed sheep or other cattle in the forest, it was really a good scenery. Look, there was a lovely little sheep craned its neck to eat the leaves on the tree.

Went deep into the forest, the woods trees were of odd shapee. This is a virgin forest, it is said that the park has a total of 70 kinds of animals, 1,500 kinds of plants. especially rich in animal and plant resources. 

I did not know how the photographs they took, I did care, I just took my photos of them.

1  Tickets: RMB 40
2  Accommodation: Weekend Price (Friday and Saturday) ;  Usual Price (Sunday to Thursday)
    Double Room: RMB160, RMB120
    Extra Bed Room: RMB150, RMB120 
    farm house 20 yuan per person per night (farm with good conditions offers 24-hour solar hot water.)
3 Medicine: water repellent, sunscreen, etc.
4 Clothes: it will be a little cold in the mountains, you’d better bring a coat.

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