The production of Baihou pancake

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Baihou pancake production consists of two processes: one process is making the flour into pieces of thin slices, that is add the right amount of water and a little salt into flour, rub hard until the flour is soft and adhesive, then picke flour doughs and quickly throw into the heating special flat pot, when the cake is baked as thin as paper, put the cake on the dishes; the other process is making the filling of the cakes, generally use pretty pork, tofu, white garlic, mushrooms, shrimp, squid as raw materials, coupled with the right amount of cooking oil and butter, braise until cooked. They usually completed the above steps ahead of time, this photo is filling the cakes.

Spread out the cake skin, then add vegetarian filling.

Add the meat material at the first layer 

Add the meat material at the second layer. 

Roll the cake up, done.

The look of the cake when completed. The bosses claimed his pancakes were the best to eat in Baihou town, if it was true, we were really lucky to have the delicious food.

Indeed it was really delicious, the cakes were elastic, full with filling, juicy and smooth. It cost 2.5 yuan each in general store is two fifty-one, this shop is triple, because the "best" reason.

There are many stores selling pancakes in Baihou town and Dabu. Cantonese are particular about what they eat, as the famous snack, Baihou pancakes are loved by the natives.

Description of Guangdong snacks Baihou pancake:
     Baihou pancake is a traditional snack at Baihou town, Dabu county, Meizhou, Guangdong. Baked with flour, thin pork, mushrooms, shrimp, tofu, pig's feet soup,and white garlic. Baihou pancake has more than 200 years history.

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