A young blue and white porcelain artisan

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He was born in Jingdezhen, Jiangxi Province in 1983. From the age of 17, he began to find teachers who could teach him the skill of making porcelain. And now he has engaged in Chinese antique porcelain production for nearly 10 years and got a high reputation in local workshops. Jingdezhen--his hometown--his home.

Blue and White Porcelain is the distillate of wisdom of the ancient Chinese working people. No exaggeration to say that it is the seamless integration of manual arts and the human mind of the Blue and White Porcelain to make people impressed enough in the world, and the most famous porcelain is the Shusong Porcelain, of which the existing as the whole thing less than twenty pieces in the world, everyone of them is a priceless casual, worth tens of millions of dollars. The formula and art craft has been lost.

Maybe there are some people still do not the word “china” has another meaning--porcelain, so we can see how important the porcelain is for the Chinese people, it may be called the quintessence of Chinese culture.

Below these are the photos of Jingdezhen kilns, we can also call them the wood kiln sites.

Attention: they have been reconstruction, only for visiting.

This man is the hero of this article, everybody call him Tom.

Next, let me tell you about the production of the king of ceramic - porcelain - blue and white porcelain.
The first step is to make rough porcelain.

The second step: repair porcelain ( pay attention to keep the hands steady )

The following are the two pictures of the porcelains after repairing, beautiful, right?

Step 3: depicts. (Notice the painting style, because they paint according to the painting style of each dynasty. Following is the style of the Qing Emperor Kangxi.

In these photos, he was working.

This is the highlight of his work, the most important and most critical. It was rather lonely while working, so he would listen to music ... Here are the finished works.

After washed by some special additive, the porcelains can be like this, look like the antique? Style is very important. Generally he makes some more, because the success rate is low by firing.

Next is to glaze, pay attention to the thickness of the glaze!

This is his colleague, he is responsible for glazing.

After the glaze it will be fired in the furnace, in the former they used wood kiln, because of too much consumption of firewood kilns, as well as environmental damage, now not allow to use the wood kiln in Jingdezhen, they had to use the gas. But to tell the truth, fired in the wood kiln is better than in the gas kiln, porcelain is more gloss glaze.

After ten hours of firing, finally came out. .... Oh, good luck, no bad one.

In fact, this can only be see in 2 days later, following are some of my works.


In spare time, I took a photo for the fat colleague, he was also very serious!

Well, one day’s work was completed!

Feel good on the way home, enjoying the street in Jingdezhen.

This is his wife and three months son, she runs a clothing store.

OK, I have talked a lot!

If you have the chance to go to Jingdezhen, feel free to find him. He can tell you more about the blue and white porcelain, what I said here just only a small part of ceramics, there are a lot of porcelains waiting for you to know them.

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