Hui An Girls, the beauties in Chongwu Ancient Town

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Hui An Girls are famous for their beauty, diligence and fancy dress, who become a landscape in Chongwu city. Their heads are wrapped by scarf and only the face can be seen. Their bellys are fully exposed. The short jacket even can not cover the navel. But the pair of trousers is really big and wide. 

So, Hui An girls have great characteristics of their fancy dresses. However, this kind of dress would become history one day.

These pictures are taken in Dazuo Village, which is in Chongwu city and near a sea. You can enter Dazuo Village by motorbike which driven by Hui An girls, or by diesel engine tricycle. From Chongwu to Dazuo, it costs you only 2 Yuan, cheap. Hui An girls work hard. At the same time, they like to be beautiful. They all love carrying powder, lipstick, creams, mirror and combs at hand.

Hui An girls is a special ethnic group near the Huidong Peninsula beach. Acutally they are from Huidong. And they are all ethnic Han. Their dress style is having a deep impact on the surrounding city. They immigrated here several hundred ago.

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